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Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge vs Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung's Galaxy S series has been expanded with the S8 and the larger S8 Plus version. Hold them next to the Galaxy S7 Edge, and you'll immediately spot the difference. The Samsung Galaxy S8's screen is bigger than that of the S7 Edge, while the device itself is smaller. The home button has disappeared, and several things have changed below the surface. Are you curious about what exactly has changed? In this article, I'll compare the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge to the Samsung Galaxy S8.

In short

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Samsung Galaxy S8
Screen 5.5-inch Quad HD 5.8-inch Quad HD
Storage capacity 32GB 64GB
Rear camera 12 megapixels 12 megapixels
Selfie camera 5 megapixels 8 megapixels
Fingerprint scanner Front Rear
Home button Yes No
Iris scanner No Yes


S7 Edge

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge: a recognizable Samsung look

You immediately recognize the Galaxy S7 Edge as a Samsung smartphone. The logo is prominently displayed above the screen, and below the screen you will find the recognizable home button. Also on the back and sides of the device little has changed compared to its predecessor, the S6 Edge. The camera sticks less far, but that is it. A nice addition to the smartphone is the water resistance. With an IP68 certification, the S7 Edge is fully resistant to water. The same applies to the S8.

Samsung S8 design

Samsung Galaxy S8: a new design

With the Galaxy S8, Samsung clearly sets a new route. Many recognizable Samsung looks have disappeared and have given way to a large screen. So you find the Samsung logo only at the back of the device, and the home button is completely gone. The fingerprint scanner is still there, but on the back next to the camera. In addition to the selfie camera, the S8 has an iris scanner, so you also unlock the device with your eyes. On the side there is an extra button under the volume buttons. Activates Samsung's smart assistant, Bixby.


S7 Edge screen

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge: comfortably watch movies

The Galaxy S7 Edge is the second Samsung smartphone with the curved screen with Edge function. This not only gives the phone a nice look, it also provides a nice display of visual material. The high Quad HD resolution also contributes to that. You can comfortably watch movies on the device, but with the larger screen of the S8 you have more viewing pleasure. Thanks to the Edge function you control the screen easily with one hand, despite the large format. With 1 swipe across the screen, your favorite applications appear.

S8 screen

Samsung Galaxy S8: more screen, less bezels

The Galaxy S8 has also received a screen with curved edges, albeit more subtly. The screen is 0.3 inches larger than the S7 Edge, while the S8 is smaller overall. Win win! In order to achieve this, Samsung has, among other things, changed the aspect ratio from 16: 9 to 18.5: 9. This makes the screen longer, but not wider than that of most smartphones. On this 5.8 inch Quad HD screen you can watch movies comfortably. The display has certainly had an upgrade.


S7 Edge rear

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge: great photos in low light

With its 12-megapixel camera, fanatic photographers can go completely wild. Thanks to the optical image stabilization, photos are almost always sharp, even when you unintentionally move the phone. You'll also take nice photos in low light, thanks to quick autofocus and the large aperture that lets in lots of light. You can also take sharp selfies of yourself with the 5-megapixel camera on the front. Would you rather shoot movies? The S7 Edges shines here, as well. You can record movies in a 4K resolution.

Samsung Galaxy S8 rear

Samsung Galaxy S8: sharper selfies

Considering the great performance of the S7 Edge, Samsung hasn't updated the camera a whole lot for the S8. The S8 still features a 12-megapixel camera and it still records video in 4K. The selfie camera, however, has been given an upgrade. Instead of a 5-megapixel camera, it now counts 8 megapixels. The selfie camera has also been updated with autofocus, allowing you to take even sharper selfies.


Have there been many changes to the Galaxy S? Yes. Is it for the better? I think so, yes. Samsung has choses to fully utilize the front of the phone for its screen. This means the classic Samsung look has been lost, but the beautiful screen more than makes up for it. Plus, it doesn't hamper the phone's functionality in any way. It still features a fingerprint scanner, and the camera is still just as great. Thanks to the addition of the Iris scanner and Bixby, the Samsung Galaxy S8 features even more functionality than its predecessor.

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