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Huawei vs Samsung

Samsung and Huawei: 2 Asian smartphone manufacturers who are both responsible for a large selection of phones. Are you curious about the differences between these brands? In this article, I'll list them for you.

In short

Samsung Huawei
Optical image stabilization S series and Note series Sharp photos despite movement Huawei Mate 10 PRO Sharp photos despite movement
Number of megapixels rear 12 megapixels The higher, the more detailed From 13 to 20 megapixels The higher, the more detailed
Casing material Metal Ensures sturdiness Metal Ensures sturdiness
Water resistance IP68 Waterproof up to 1 meter Not waterproof Not water-resistant


Camera Samsung phone


Samsung smartphones are known for their good camera. Each device has a flash at the back and a selfie camera. In addition, the video quality is always Full HD or more. The devices in the S and Note series have the most advanced cameras. These cameras have optical image stabilization, which means your photos will stay sharp even if you move the camera. The extra camera functions are reflected in the price. It can cost you up to € 1000-.

Camera Huawei phone


Compared to Samsung, the cameras on Huawei smartphones not as good. They do have Full HD video recording quality, a selfie camera, and a flash at the back. They also have fewer megapixels and fewer functions. Most Huawei devices don't have optical image stabilization. That's one of the reasons why Huawei devices have a lower price point compared to Samsung smartphones. A Huawei phone will cost you € 799 at most.


Samsung phone sturdy


The casing of Samsung smartphones is of good quality. Devices from the Galaxy A, S, and Note series have a metal casing. All these devices have an IP68-certification and are completely dust and waterproof. You'll only find a plastic casing in the J series, and some of those models aren't waterproof. The waterproof casing is price, so Samsung devices are more expensive than Huawei ones.

Huawei phone sturdy


In addition to the camera, the casing of Huawei smartphones isn't as good as the Samsung casings. Each Huawei series has devices with a metal casing. Thanks to the sturdy material, they can take a beating. On the other hand, these smartphones don't have an IP certification, so they're not dust and waterproof. The only device that has a waterproof casing is the Huawei Mate 10 PRO. The fact that they're not waterproof is a second reason why the Huawei devices have a lower price.


Samsung and Huawei have a lot in common. They both make high-end and inexpensive devices that are suitable for different users. Yet, these brands are also different. First, Samsung devices have a better casing and camera than Huawei devices do. It's reflected in their prices; Samsung smartphones are more expensive than Huawei ones. In addition, Samsung has more brand awareness than Huawei does.

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