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How do you set up an eTiger S3b-S and S3b-SV alarm system?

With the eTiger alarm system, you can protect your house against unwanted guests. The alarm will sound, you'll receive a warning, and the people who have to be notified will also get a message. Very convenient! Read here how to install the alarm system exactly.

In short

For which system? eTiger S3b-S and S3b-SV alarm systems
How long will it take you? About half an hour
What do you need? A separate SIM card, your mobile phone, and the eTiger alarm system

Unlock your SIM card

unlocking the SIM card

You need a separate SIM card for the control panel. This isn't included. We recommend getting a SIM card with a plan with unlimited SMS messages and 1 to 2 hours of calls or unlimited calls. Once you're out of credit, you won't receive notifications anymore. The SIM card can't be protected. In order to test this, place the SIM card in your phone, go to the settings and check if it's unlocked. The control panel only fits a regular SIM card, so not a micro or nano SIM card. You can use an adapter to enlarge a micro or nano SIM card.

Place the SIM card

Place the SIM card

Open the battery compartment on the back of the control panel. There's a special cover over the SIM card slot that you have to slide open to put in the SIM card. Slide open this cover, place the SIM card, and close the cover again. Note that you place the SIM card as indicated on the image.

Turning on the control panel

Turning on the control panel

Connect the AC adapter to the input in the battery compartment on the back of the control panel and plug the adapter into a socket. Next, turn the switch below it to 'on' and close the cover. Now, call the SIM card in the control panel to check if it gets a sufficient signal. Did you establish contact? Press '1234#' on your phone and finish with a '1'. The system will turn on if it has sufficient signal. Next, screw the wall mount to the wall and attach the control panel. In order to ensure a long lifespan of the control panel, you should place it in a dark, cool, dry place.

Can't make contact or are you switched to voicemail? That means the signal is insufficient. Check if the SIM card is placed correctly and if it's the right size. Also check if the SIM card isn't protected with a PIN code. Check it using the instructions described in step 1. Still no signal? Move the control panel to a spot where it gets a better signal.

Setting the language

Check if the icon with the 3 bars flashes every 2 seconds. If the icon flashes every second, the alarm system is still trying to find a network.

The standard language of the control panel is set to English. You can change the language by sending a number to the control pannel via SMS. See the manual for the languages and numbers. The control panel will reply with a confirmation message.



Register the phone numbers of people who should be warned if the alarm goes off. Send '6' in an SMS to the phone number of the SIM card in the control panel. The control panel will then send you: 'SMS: 1, 2, 3, 4.' Copy this SMS and fill in the phone numbers behind the digits. SMS messages to the control panel can't contain spaces or other symbols. Note that you don't put a space between 1 and the phone number. Next, send this SMS back to the control panel. It will reply with 'Ok'.

Register accessories

Alarm system accessories

Now it's time to register the motion detectors, the door/window sensors, the remote, and the NFC tags. For the motion detectors and door/window sensors, first remove the protective tabs from the batteries in order to activate them.

In order to add an accessory, you first enter the access code on the control panel and press the connection button. You now have 15 seconds to turn on the accessory. You'll hear 1 beep when the accessory is registered. Hear 2 beeps? That means the accessory was already registered. In order to turn on the remote, you have to press any button on it within 15 seconds. In the case of the motion detector you press the button on the back. For the door/window sensor, you separate the 2 parts from each other.

In order to save time, you can also register the accessories via eTiger's website. Go to the 'connection assistent' on the 'support' page.

NFC tag

NFC tag

An NFC tag, also called an RFID tag, wirelessly transmits information using radio waves. NFC stands for Near Field Communication and usually has a range of about 10 centimeters. Connect the NFC tag by entering the access code on the control panel, pressing the connection button, and then holding the tag in front of the blue circle on the control panel. If you hear 1 beep, the tag has been registered. You can disable the alarm system with the NFC tag and open the electronic door lock. The NFC tag is also ideal to give to your child. Give the tag a specific name, and you'll receive an SMS on the 1st registered SMS number when your child gets home. That way, you'll know that you child has arrived home safely.

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