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How do I install an M.2 SSD in my laptop?

Installing an M.2 SSD into your laptop shouldn't take more than 5 minutes. Although this type of SSD may look technically complex, it's one of the easiest components to install. After following the steps below, you can continue working on your computer right away.

What do you need?

  • A desktop or laptop with an M.2 connector
  • An M.2 SSD
  • A screwdriver
  • (Optional) An antistatic wrist strap
  • (Optional) A SATA/USB adapter and cloning software

Tip: keep your new SSD in the antistatic bag for as long as possible to minimize the risk of damage from static charge or dust.

Step 1: Clone your files

Are you replacing your M.2 SSD with a new one? Make sure to clone the files from your old drive to the new one. Here you can read how to do that:

Step 2: The basics

Don't put your laptop on standby, but turn it off completely. After that, first remove the power cable, followed by any other cables.

Step 3: Prevent static shocks

A static shock could spell doom for your components. That's why you need to make sure you're not statically charged when you start tinkering with the laptop. You do that with an antistatic wrist strap. It ensures that you're safely grounded to keep your valuable components intact. Clamp the end of the wrist strap to a grounded metal point, like a heating pipe.

Step 4: Open the laptop

Place the laptop upside-down in front of you. If necessary, place a towel underneath it to protect the top of your laptop from scratches. Unscrew the back of your laptop with a suitable screwdriver. Remove the backside once you've unscrewed all the screws and put the hatch and screws aside.

Step 5: Free your M.2 slot

Look for the M.2 slot. You can easily recognize it by the label with the connector's name on it. Sometimes the M.2 slot is located behind other components of your laptop. If this is the case, carefully remove these components. It's also recommended that you remove the battery if possible. Is your battery built in? In that case, be extra careful with any unexpected charges.

Step 6: Install the M.2 SSD

If you want to replace the current drive, first remove your old M.2 SSD by carefully unscrewing it. Want to add the new M.2 SSD as an extra drive? Then you can place the drive into the free M.2 slot right away. Put the M.2 SSD into the connector at an angle. Gently push the back of the SSD downwards, then secure it by putting the screw you removed earlier back in place.

Step 7: Turn the laptop back on

Make sure all the components you removed are put back where they belong. Next, put the hatch back on the bottom of the laptop and secure it with the screws. Turn the laptop on and you're ready to use it. If you haven't cloned the old drive yet, your new SSD won't have an operating system installed yet. Re-install it after booting the laptop. Did you have an HDD before this? In that case, you'll notice that your laptop boots a lot faster.

Other questions

I don't have an M.2, but a 2.5-inch SSD

Did you find out that you don't have an M.2 SSD but a 2.5-inch SSD? You can read how to install it here:

My laptop doesn't recognize my M.2 SSD

It's possible that your computer doesn't recognize the M.2 SSD right away. Don't worry, we can solve it in a few easy steps. Read here how to make it visible:

The installation isn't working

We'll gladly help you install your new M.2 SSD. Can't install it with this step-by-step plan? Contact our customer service or take the laptop to the repair service in one of our stores.

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