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How do I set up my Tacx Booster T2500?

You, too, can now train like a real "Pro" with your Tacx Booster T2500. This Tacx bicycle trainer is suitable for bicycles with a wheel diameter of 24 to 28 inches. This must be taken into account during installation. To ensure that you get a sweaty workout from the bike training instead of the installation, I'll help you this step-by-step plan.

Step 1: Expand the stand

Fold out the Tacx Booster T2500 stand

Fold out the stand and place it on the floor. Push the stand to be sure that the legs are fully folded out. Preferably place the standard in a place with sufficient space. For mounting the brake unit, it is useful if you have some space.

Step 2: Place the support for the front wheel

Tacx Booster T2500 support from the front wheel

You can place the support for the front wheel on the ground. You can also train without the support. Our advice: make sure you use it, the support ensures a flat position of your bike. This makes your attitude much more natural.

Step 3: Choose the correct diameter

Tacx Booster T2500 choose the correct diameter

The brake unit is mounted directly on the support. The brake unit has three numbered slots. Depending on the diameter of your wheel you choose one of the positions.

  • Position 1 for 24 inches (600 - 660mm)

  • Position 2 for 26 inch (630 - 670mm)

  • Position 3 for 28 inch (660 - 710mm)

  • Tip: Pump up your tires to 6 - 8 bar for the best grip on the roll. *

Step 4. Mount the brake unit onto the support

Install the Tacx Booster T2500 brake

Now place the brake unit in the correct position on the support. Have you placed the brake unit in the correct position on the support? Then screw everything together by placing the plastic cover plate on the other side of the support. Use the supplied Allen key and mounting bolts for this.

Step 5: Install the quick release

Install the Tacx Booster T2500 quick release

Place the included quick-release skewer through the hub of your rear wheel. This quick release makes sure that your rear wheel will fit properly in the support. If your rear wheel has a hollow hub, the quick-release just fits through.

Step 6: Place the bicycle in the support

Place the Tacx Booster T2500 in the support

When the quick-release is installed, hang the rear wheel in the support. The support can be adjusted on both sides. One side has a quick release. The other side is set once by loosening the blue cap and moving the support closer or further. Make sure that you tighten this support properly again. Fasten the quick release by pushing the blue lever downwards. With a good placement, the bike is stable and secure.

Step 7: Place the brake unit against your rear wheel

Place the Tacx Booster T2500 brake unit against the rear wheel

Clamp the role of the brake unit against your rear wheel by pushing down the large blue lever. This roll is good if your tire is pressed a little bit by the roll. At the bottom there is a second support that touches the ground as soon as the roll is in position. This support is adjustable as soon as the blue handle is up. Turn this support clockwise to loosen it and vice versa. If you notice your wheel slipping while cycling, adjust the brake unit.

Step 8: Place the control of the resistor on your handlebar

Operation of the Tacx Booster T2500

You can adjust the resistance of the role. Use the steering controls for this. You can easily mount this on your handlebar. To do this, first place the loose plastic sleeve in the holder. Then place the support on your handlebar and screw it tight. You adjust the gravity with the blue lever.

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