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Promotional Terms and Conditions

Did you hear? We've hidden a few sounds in our Coolblue app. Did you find 5? You'll have a chance to win a Sonos One. Join us and who knows, you might soon be listening to your favorite music with Sonos surround sound in your living room!

Before you get started.

Yay! You want to participate in this giveaway. Before you do, it's important to know our rules.

Prizes and raffle

  • Only 2 people can win. Their prize? A Sonos One.
  • We'll select the winners. You can't influence this decision, so sending in a poem won't work.
  • We'll announce the winners in week 38.
  • When we've chosen the winners, we'll contact them using the email address they used to participate in the giveaway.
  • What if you can't be reached or if you don't send us the information we need so send you the prize within 3 days?
  • Sorry, you'll lose your claim to the prize.


  • This giveaway is hosted by Coolblue B.V., Coolblue N.V., and Coolblue GmbH.
  • We make mistakes, too. No rights can be derived from possible printing errors or typos.
  • We act in accordance with the gambling regulations.
  • Do you have any complaints? We're very sorry about that. You can send a complaint to the address above.
  • Did you win the prize and is the product not working? Or did the product break during use? Please let us know. We'll look for a solution together.


  • We'll only use the information you enter for the giveaway to evaluate whether your participation is valid and to contact you in case you win.
  • We'll keep your personal information private. Any information you provide will only be received by Coolblue and won't be shared with third parties.
  • Your information will be deleted by Coolblue 30 days after the giveaway ends.

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