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Specialists review of the HP Pavilion 15-cs0960nd

I have been allowed to use the HP Pavilion 15-cs0960nd for a while. HP calls the Pavilion itself a powerful laptop that lets you work throughout the day. Whether HP makes this true can be read in this specialist review.

In short

  • Powerful enough for photo editing
  • Intel Core i5 - 8GB - 128GB SSD + 1TB HDD
  • NVIDIA GeForce MX150 video card
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I am reasonably satisfied with the Pavilion, but this laptop did not convince me 100%. For me, the ample storage capacity, the build quality and the keyboard are the biggest plus points. On the other hand, the display is a bit disappointing and the NVIDIA GeForce MX150 is a nice extra, but it does not add much in practice.

Our rating

Grade Commentary
Sturdiness 8.6 Mainly aluminum housing, battery lasts a long time
Design 7.2 Slanted edges, nice design keyboard
User-friendliness 6.3 Display looks dull, a lot of bloatware
Possibilities 6.8 No fingerprint scanner, all USB connections (2) on one side
Speed 7 Laptop starts quickly, working with Adobe Photoshop goes smoothly
Final grade 7.2


Here, we have a look at the quality of the laptop. Can it handle a bump, for example, and can you bring it without having to look for a socket?

Almost completely aluminum

When you slide the HP Pavilion 15-cs0960nd out of the box, you immediately notice that it is a solidly built laptop. The valve is made of aluminum and the inside also. Only the bottom is made of plastic. This does not bother me personally because I almost never see and touch the bottom. Thanks to the aluminum interior, the keyboard does not spring when typing. This way you can comfortably type long pieces of text.

Good battery life

To test how the battery stands, I played a video in 4K quality on YouTube. I did this on the maximum settings and brightness of the screen. After more than 2.5 hours, 50% of the battery was left. I think this is a great achievement for a 15.6 inch laptop. The claim of HP that you work on it all day is certainly made true.


Did the manufacturer take the laptop's appearance into account? On top of that, we judge the weight, so you can be sure you can easily bring the laptop.

Slanted edges

The Pavilion 15 is finished separately. The edges on the sides of the laptop are sloping inwards. This looks chic, but this sometimes makes connecting your peripherals a little tricky. The connections are indeed right in the chassis, but because of the slanted edges you have the idea that you have to insert the usb of your mouse diagonally. A little something, but if you do this too hard, it may damage the connection.

Average size, handy lid

The Pavilion is quite average in terms of thickness and weight. The laptop weighs 1.93 kg and is 1.79 cm thick. Fine to take him in a backpack, but if you always drag your laptop from hot to hot, a smaller and lighter laptop is a better option. When you flip open the lid the keyboard rises a little bit. This ensures a slightly better cooling of the laptop and that is a smart functionality.


When you're looking for a laptop, it's a good idea to know how it types, whether the screen properly displays your favorite movies, and whether the touchpad isn't outdated. We'll also tell you a thing or two about preinstalled programs.

Keyboard and trackpad are top

The keyboard is executed in the same color as the laptop and types comfortably. Every attack is well registered and so you easily type long pieces of text. The only drawback with this keyboard are the arrow keys. These are extremely close to each other and therefore you sometimes check the wrong arrow. The trackpad also reacts well and is beautifully finished with a silver edge. If you touch the trackpad with your palm, it will not respond.

Dull image

This HP laptop has a Full HD display with an anti-reflective IPS panel. You do not suffer from reflections from the sun or strong artificial lighting with this screen. Even under a bright lamp, the screen remains visible. However, the screen seems a bit dull and in my opinion certainly had a clearer view. From the side, the screen is almost invisible. This is a big negative for me on this laptop.


This HP unfortunately comes, like many other laptops, with many pre-installed programs. From games to superfluous HP programs, you can find them at the Pavilion. Most of these programs can be removed without problems. Do you want a nice tidy laptop? Then you will first have to check which bloatware you are throwing from the laptop.


Does the laptop have enough useful, fun, or essential features? We take a look at the connectors and the video card, as well as at the coolers or facial recognition login options.

Enough connections

On the left side of the laptop you will find an HDMI connection, an ethernet connection, one usb c connection and a port for your headphones, microphone or speakers. The right side of Yoga has 2 'standard' USB 3.0 connections and a memory card reader. On the left I would have liked an extra 'standard' USB connection. This is because I like to lay the cable behind my laptop to have a desk that is so tidier.

No fingerprint scanner

Unfortunately, this laptop does not have a fingerprint scanner. Nowadays I am so accustomed to logging in via my fingerprint that this is a minor flaw for me. For example, with this laptop I am forced to remember many different passwords for logging in to the laptop, logging in to websites and making payments.

Much storage capacity

The 128 GB SSD ensures that the laptop and programs are started quickly. Other things that require less speed to open, I save on the 1 TB HDD. I keep all my downloads, videos, music and photos on the slower HDD. This leaves more room for software on the faster SSD. A large storage capacity is a must for me as I do not want to use an external hard drive and hardly use the cloud.

MX150 video card

The NVIDIA GeForce MX150 video card makes me play a game like Fortnite fluently, but unfortunately I have to do this on the lowest settings. Do not you care a lot about what games look like? Then for you the MX150 will be a nice addition. You can also play Minecraft fluently. Do you want to play some heavier games? Then the MX150 really falls short.


We've had a close look at the boot process and the way programs run. We judge this based on the things the laptop is suitable for, and we compare it to other laptops in the same price range.

Speed enough

The eighth generation Intel Core i5 ensures that the start screen appears after about 11 seconds after pressing the on button. Software also starts up in a few seconds. Editing photos in Adobe Photoshop is also no problem for the i5 processor and the 8 GB memory. Even when I have 8 tabs open in the browser and music stream via Spotify, the laptop continues to work without hesitation.

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