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Expert review of the Panasonic Lumix DMC-G7

Time to test the Panasonic Lumix DMC-G7. A user-friendly system camera. The device offers both novice and advanced photographer enough options. The 4K functions make it complete. In this specialist review you can read what I think of the camera. I zoom in on performance, operation and looks.

In short

16 megapixels, live MOS sensor | 4K Ultra HD, 40fps, WiFi | Including 14-42mm lens | Types of photography: nature, landscape, portrait, architecture | Optical zoom: 3x
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Plus points

  • With the 14-42mm lens you can take portrait and landscape photographs.
  • Filming in 4K quality provides lifelike images.
  • Fast actions are very accurate thanks to the high number of images per second.

Negative points

  • Special software and a suitable computer are required to process 4K film images.
  • No memory card is included.

First impression

First impression

When I grab the camera, the light weight immediately catches me up. I feel like I have a compact camera in my hands. Given the many control buttons, I suspect that the camera offers sufficient opportunities for the creative photographer. I am also very happy with the viewfinder, so I can better define my framework. But on the big screen you can also clearly see what I'm going to capture. Time to take the test to take the sum.



What struck me about the camera was the fast autofocus system. The device works with a technology that predicts the focus point on the basis of two images with different depth of field. This automatically selects the best focus point in just 0.07 seconds. Choosing a different point of focus went very quickly via the touchscreen. I also wanted to be sure of a sharp image. The burst recording helped with that. With this I made 7 images per second.


4K filming

In their own words, Panasonic has made 4K quality accessible to everyone with this camera. It is indeed easy to make a 4K recording with this device. Besides filming in this quality, I could also take photos from the 4K film series. This way you can be sure that you have the sharpest picture. In addition, the photo is also of high quality.



I found the camera easy to use. Changing settings went very smoothly via the touchscreen. This touchscreen is tiltable, which makes the camera suitable for vlogging. In addition, there are two wheels on the body that I changed mode and chose my recording type. Furthermore, I could choose the function for 5 buttons myself. The novice photographer can also work well with this device. With the intelligent car mode the camera makes the best picture in every situation.


Exterior features

The camera has an angular design. I did not find it very attractive because of this. What is nice is the weight. With lens this device weighs only 415 grams, while there are still many options on it. The touchscreen is nice and big and the camera has a viewfinder. In addition, I found on the body all the controls that I needed. The buttons were also in very logical places. Because of this, I operated the camera easily with one hand.


This system camera has a number of fine features. The fast autofocus system is one of them. The camera made sure that the right point was sharp in my photos. In addition, the 4K functions are a big plus. Filming I did in this quality, but I could also choose photos from the 4K film series. Besides the advanced photographer, the beginner is also happy with this device. The camera is in fact very easy to use. The design also contributes to this.

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