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How do you start a gasoline lawn mower?

Starting a petrol lawn mower can be difficult, especially if you are using it for the first time or if you have not removed it from the shed all winter. Can not you start it or do you use a new petrol lawnmower for the first time? Then read on quickly.

Step 1: Position the lawn mower

Place the lawnmower on a flat piece in the lawn and make sure there are no things in the grass that could damage the mowing blades. For example, note the dog's ball, wind-blown branches and loose stones. You start the lawnmower easiest on not too high grass.

Step 2: Check the petrol level

Make sure there is sufficient fuel in the lawn mower. In a four-stroke engine, you use Euro unleaded gasoline, or Euro 95 or Euro 98.

Have you not used the lawnmower for a while and was there a small amount of gasoline? First remove the old gasoline.

Step 3: Check the oil level

Check oil level

Always check the amount of oil with the oil dipstick. When the level is within the marked area, the oil level is good. A too high oil level is harmful to the lawnmower. Are you using it for the first time? First fill it with the right amount of oil. The quantity differs per type and is indicated in the manual.

Step 4: Check the spark plug

Check spark plug

Check that the spark plug, the part that provides the ignition in the engine by means of an electric spark, is properly secured. You can find this at the back of the engine. Also make sure that it is not wet or dirty, because the lawn mower does not start. If it is wet, clean it and dry it with a carburetor cleaner cloth. Has the lawn mower become completely wet and does it not start anymore? Then read the article below:

Step 5: Press the fuel button 3 to 5 times

Press the petrol button

If the lawn mower has been standing still for a long time or if the lawn mower has never been used, press the petrol knob 3 to 5 times. The petrol knob is the soft button (usually red or black) on the lawn mower housing. This will pump the petrol into the engine. Do not press the button too often, otherwise there will be too much gas in the engine.

Step 6: Put the throttle in the start position

Throttle lawn mower

Some lawnmowers have a throttle that you have to put in the starting position. This handle can often be found halfway between the housing and the handle. Then pull the engine brake lever at the top of the handle towards you. Hold it securely in 1 hand and go to step 7.

Step 7: Pull the starter rope

Pull firmly on the starter rope while holding the engine brake. Do not let the starter rope slip back, but guide the pull cord back to its starting position in the engine. Dropping the pull cord is not good for the engine. Sometimes you have to pull a few times before the engine starts. In some new models of lawnmowers the starting rope has been replaced by a start button. You start these mowers by pressing this button.

Step 8: Lawn mowing!

Now you are ready to mow the lawn! Note that with some lawnmowers the throttle must still be set to the 'run' position. With self-propelled models you press a 2nd lever on the handle, so that the machine will start automatically. Look in the manual of your lawn mower what applies to you.

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