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Tips for buying a rowing machine

You're looking for a rowing machine because you want to work on your endurance, build muscle, or lose weight. Cool! Now all you need to do is find the right rowing machine. Which rowing machine fits you depends on your height, weight, the type of resistance you want, and the rowing machine's various training options. Below, we'll give you tips to help you make the right choice of rowing machine.

1. Select the type of resistance that suits your needs.

A ** rowing machine with water resistance ** offers you an experience where both the sound and the feeling comes very close to real rowing. With water resistance the resistance is supplied from the water tank. The more water you put into the tank and the harder you row, the heavier your training becomes.

With a ** rowing machine with air resistance ** the resistance is determined by the force you exert on the device, just like on the water. Rowers with air resistance make a lot of noise during your effort. You can hear exactly from that sound whether you use the right rowing technique.

With a ** rowing machine with magnetic resistance **, you determine how hard you row with 1 hand movement. You move the magnet near the flywheel closer to the wheel to make your training heavier.

** Rowing machines with elastic resistance ** are relatively simple. They often do not have many training programs or resistance levels and are easy to use. Just rowing with relatively little noise during your training.

2. Pay attention to your body height and weight

Body length rowing machine

Your height and weight are important when selecting a rowing machine. Not all devices are suitable for persons heavier than a certain weight or longer than a specific body length. In addition, it is important to look at the distance between the foot pedals and the seat. For a smooth rowing motion you have to be able to stretch your legs completely. Therefore, the distance between the foot pedals and the seat must be at least as long as your leg length.

3. Determine how stable you are during rowing

Stable position rowing

A rowing machine can have a single or double rail system on which the seat moves from front to back. If you are not so stable on the device or just love comfort, a double rail system is recommended.

4. Choose the right training options

Training possibilities rowing machine

Ergometer With a ergometer function you also train on wattage. Here you see your own strength in power. This way you train with a specific goal by continuously staying on a fixed wattage during your training.

Training programs Work towards a personal goal. Do you want to train your stamina or just cover a certain distance as quickly as possible? You determine this yourself with the training programs.

Heart rate controlled training When a rowing machine has heart rate programs or can be coupled with a heart rate belt, you can easily train in heart rate zones. This way you improve your condition or you work on a waste goal.

Connectable with an app Is the rower connectable with an app? Then you simply keep track of your training results on your smartphone or tablet. This way you have continuous insight into where you stand in achieving your sport goal.

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