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Amazon Alexa for movies, videos, and television

Ask Alexa about movies, videos, and TV series you want to watch. Without even taking out your smart device or getting off the couch, your favorite movie can be on the screen. You can find more possibilities on this page.
    Alexa and movies

    Amazon Alexa & movies

    Alexa will tell you everything about the movie schedule of the cinema of your choice. For example, ask "Alexa, what movies are playing nearby?" to hear the movie titles from the cinema in your area.

    Alexa and videos

    Amazon Alexa & videos

    As a true YouTube fan, it's nice to watch the best videos at any time. *"Alexa, play the funniest videos on YouTube." * Anything you want to look at, just ask Alexa.

    Alexa and your smart TV

    Amazon Alexa & your smart TV

    "Alexa, what's on tv tonight?" or "Alexa, what time is Modern Family on?" Alexa tells you all about the schedule per channel and when your favorite series is on.

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