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This is how you maintain your Krups coffee machine

If you want to enjoy your coffee machine for a long time, it's important that you maintain it properly. Here, you can read which steps you should take to guarantee the hygiene and the lifespan of the machine.

Avoid limescale

Place Krups water filter

Replace the water filter

Limescale is killing for your coffee machine. The pipes become clogged, the risk of malfunctions increases, and the coffee taste deteriorates. That is why it's important to place a water filter in the water tank. It filters lime, lead, and other particles from the tap water. This allows you to prevent limescale and the coffee taste will also improve.

  • Replace the water filter once every 2 months
  • Required: Krups Anti Lime Cartridge F088
Descale Krups

Descale the coffee machine

In addition to using a water filter, you also need to descale the coffee machine. The water filter doesn't stop all the lime. How often you do this depends on the water hardness and how often you use the coffee machine. Your Krups may automatically notify you when it's time to descale. Machines without notification should be descaled once every 4 months on average.

  • Descale the coffee machine once every 4 months
  • Required: Krups Descaling Set F054

Thoroughly clean the removable parts

Clean Krups brew group

Clean the brew group

You can easily clean the self-cleaning brew group with the automatic cleaning program. Compared to most other brands, you don't have to remove the brew group of a Krups from the machine. You put a tablet in the compartment for ground coffee and switch on the cleaning program.

  • Clean the brew group once a week.
  • No detergent needed
Clean Krups milk system

Clean the milk system

To continue to enjoy good quality milk foam, you should regularly clean the milk system. You use the Krups milk system cleaner and the automatic cleaning program for this. This way, milk fats and proteins are removed throughout the system. In addition, Krups advises to replace the milk tube approximately every 3 months.

  • Clean the milk system after each use
  • Required: Krups Milk System cleaner

Which maintenance product is suitable for my Krups?

Maintenance product suitable for Krups

We recommend that you use the Krups maintenance products. This allows you to be sure that you clean your coffee machine the right way, without damaging the machine. This also prevents the warranty on the coffee machine from expiring due to the use of unsuitable cleaning agents. The Krups maintenance products are suitable for every model

Follow the instructions in the manual

To carry out the above steps step by step, use the manual. It also indicates how to activate certain cleaning programs.

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