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Tips for making the best flower photo

Flowers that are fully in bloom are very nice to photograph. And everyone gets happy from a colorful flower photo. But how do you make it the best? You can read that in this article. Below you will find 4 useful tips that you can immediately start with.

Tip 1: create a blurry background

blurred background

It is the intention that all attention in the photo goes to the flower(s). You achieve this by photographing with a small depth of field. If you use a large aperture (a low aperture value), a small part of the photo becomes sharp and the rest will remain blurred. By focusing on the flower, you create a beautiful effect. Tip for the novice photographer: use the macro setting of your camera. This often works well too.

Tip 2: try to focus manually

manual focusing

Of course you want to prevent yourself from seeing that the photo is not sharp afterwards. When photographing small subjects such as flowers, focusing is rather narrow. The autofocus of your camera sometimes has some difficulty when you photograph closely on a subject. Therefore focus manually when photographing flowers. You do this, for example, by carefully turning the lens ring until the correct part is completely sharp.

Tip 3: use a low position

Low position

For photographing flowers, you usually have to sink through your knees. In the first place because flowers are usually low to the ground. And because from the top you get them less beautiful on the photo. This means that you sometimes have to lie on the floor. For those who would rather not do this, there are small tripods available that allow you to easily photograph low to the ground. Use the familiar 'frog perspective' for an extra cool picture.

Tip 4: use your creativity

Use creativity

The last and perhaps most important tip: be creative. This will prevent you from making a thirteen-in-a-dozen photo. It is useful to keep an eye on details. Think of a bee on the flower. Or maybe there are some raindrops on the leaves. Zoom in on these things and give your photo an interesting touch. What also helps to create a special photo is beautiful soft light. For example, use the golden hour.

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