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Tips for making the best workout photo

The fitgirls and boys are flying around nowadays. Not so strange that fitness photography is booming. You also want to make a nice fitness photo as a (starting) photographer. Before you start you can use some tips. You can find them in the article below.

Tip 1: use a lot of shadows

Use shadows

Of course, fitness photography is about showing that impressive muscle mass. By creating shadow on the body, muscles become extra visible. Shadow is created by obliquely incident light. You achieve this by not lighting studio lights and strobes directly but diagonally on the model. Do not you have this equipment? Then use light from, for example, a window.

Tip 2: Adjust the exposure manually

Set exposure manually

Those desired shadows usually do not come out well with automatic exposure. If you can do this, try setting the exposure manually. Make sure that the photo is always slightly darker than the situation actually is. This places extra emphasis on the light that shines on the most beautiful parts of the body. To darken the photo, increase the shutter speed or reduce the aperture. Leave the ISO value as low as possible.

Tip 3: use attributes during the photo session

Use attributes

By using attributes you make your fitness photo more interesting in a simple way. Indeed, more is happening in the photo. As a result, the viewers will continue to look at it for longer. Let your model quietly do weight lifting or other exercises during the photo session. This way you also ensure that the model stands up more naturally. In addition, the muscles are extra pumped up while you take the pictures.

Tip 4: a little bit of thickening is allowed


Fitness photography is perhaps the only kind of photography where it is allowed to: sting. Use oil to make the body shine a little more. This makes the exposed muscle mass even more impressive. Let the model for the photo session pumping up the muscles so that the maximum effect is achieved. After all, it's all about the body and not the beautiful background. Are you not satisfied with the lighting afterwards? Then adjust it in an editing program.

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