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This is how you take the best macro photos of flowers

As soon as spring arrives, you'll see beautiful flowers everywhere. Naturally, you want to capture all the beauty nature has to offer with your camera. Below, you can find some useful tips to help you take the best macro photos of flowers. You'll be able to take a picture that won't look out of place on the wall at home.

Tip 1: use the right lens

Use the right lens

While most lenses are suitable to take photos of flowers, one type of lens is particularly useful for this type of photography: the macro lens. The image on the sensor of this lens approximates the actual size of small objects or is magnified. This makes the lens very suitable to photograph subjects from up close. These lenses usually have a short minimum focal distance so that you can still focus easily at a short distance. Because macro lenses have a fixed focal point, the lens elements and your photos are of better quality.

Tip 2: create a small depth of field

Small depth of field

If you photograph a flower, you naturally want the flower to take center stage. You can achieve this by only focusing on the subject and blurring the background, among other things. A big difference between sharpness and blurriness is also called a small depth of field. You create a small depth of field by setting a large aperture. A wide aperture is roughly in between f/5.6 and f/1.4.

Tip 3: use manual focus

Manual focus

With macro photography, you often work close to the subject and with a small depth of field. In this situation, it's quite difficult for the camera to focus automatically very well. That is why it's best to use manual focus. Set the camera to MF (manual focus). In most cases, you can set the camera to this mode with a slider. With the lens ring, you can determine the focus.

Tip 4: set the right lighting

The right lighting

If the flower you want to capture is in a sunny location, you usually don't get a very beautiful picture. Try to take a photo of a subject when the sun shines on it from an angle. You'll be able to see the details of the flower much better. Are you photographing in low light? Don't increase the shutter speed. With a slow shutter speed, the camera loses focus in case of the slightest movement. Instead, turn up the ISO slightly.

Tip 5: consider the perspective


In addition to focus and lighting, the success of your photo is also determined by the perspective. A flower is often less beautiful if you simply look down on it. Your photo becomes a lot more interesting when taken from a low perspective. Try to get closer to the ground and take photos from the frog's perspective. This makes the flower seem a lot bigger and more impressive. Or bend your knees a bit so you can photograph the flower from the front.

Tip 6: choose an interesting composition

Interesting composition

The composition is also something to consider when taking photos of a flower. Decided to photograph a field of flowers? Focus on the most beautiful flower and show the rest faintly in the background. It's also great if you can include striking details in your composition. Think of a ladybug on a leaf or a bee collecting nectar.

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