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6 tips to get your garden tools winter-ready

Your garden tools will probably go into the shed in the winter. But before you do that, you can still do a number of things to prepare your tools as well as possible for the cold winter months. I give you 6 tips to make your garden tools winter-ready and prevent frost damage.

1. Remove garden waste from the machine

Clean lawn mower

Of course you always clean your garden tools before storing them. Pack a soft-bristle brush to avoid damaging the material and brush the (grass) waste away from the machine. Does the dirt not go away? Try using a brush with hard hair. A cloth over your garden machine also works wonders.

2. Sharpen the blades

Sharpen the blades

Well-sharpened knives ensure that, for example, pruning tools quickly pass through the branches. This way you damage the tree or the plant as little as possible. No or less experience with the sharpening of pruning tools or the blades of your lawnmower? Then leave the grinding to a professional. Safe for you and for your tree or plant.

3. Protect metal parts against rust with Vaseline

Protection against rust

Reduce the risk of corrosion by greasing the metal parts of your garden tools with petroleum jelly or other lubricants that are specifically intended for this purpose. This helps the garden tools better through the winter.

4. Check your petrol tools for oil and petrol

Remove petrol

Remove the gasoline from your petrol tool when you store it for a long time. Old petrol affects the quality of the lawn mower. You do not want that. In addition, always leave oil in the petrol mower. This prevents rust or condensation in the mower. Change the oil before storing the tool for a longer period of time.

5. Lubricate wooden stems with flaxseed oil

Lubricate wooden stems with flaxseed oil

Shoveling, raking, they often have a wooden handle. Use sandpaper to sand these handles. Then make the handles dust-free. Is the wood clean and grease free? Then you can rub the stems with flaxseed oil. Linseed oil protects the wood against moisture, but also against dehydration. This will reduce the chance that the wood will rot.

6. Store your garden tools in a well-ventilated environment

Store garden tools

Do not store your garden tools, such as an electric lawn mower, high-pressure cleaner or hedge trimmer, in damp, damp areas. The chance of rust and rotting is greater. A dry, well-ventilated environment helps to keep your garden tools of good quality. You can store garden tools in a barn with ventilation holes or in garden storage, such as an outdoor cabinet.

7. Safety first


For all these tips applies: safety comes first. Always put on work gloves when you get started and be sure that the machine can not suddenly start during maintenance. Every garden tool has additional safety measures. Please read these measures in the relevant manual before you start maintenance.

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