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Tips for vlogging about beauty and fashion

Are make-up, luxury care products and fashion really mean your thing? Focus your online video channel on these topics and transfer your passion to others. Now only the right camera and accessories are still available. In this article I give you some tips on this.

Tip 1. Select the correct camera

Choose the right camera

When you vlog about beauty and fashion, you will regularly include tutorials or lookbooks. And that becomes difficult when you do not see yourself. Therefore choose a camera with tiltable screen. Do you want to keep your followers up-to-date via social media? Then a camera with Wi-Fi is indispensable. With this you can easily transfer images from your camera to your smartphone and share them online.

Tip 2. Use a tripod

Using a tripod

One of the most used accessories of beauty vloggers is a tripod. Do you want to include your daily make-up routine, for example? Then you really need both hands to make yourself. Therefore place your camera on a tripod with which the camera is immediately stable.

Tip 3. Ensure good lighting

Ensure good lighting

As a beauty vlogger it is important to ensure good lighting. You want the viewer to see how you make the perfect smokey eye. Small details must then be clearly visible. You do that by means of the correct lighting. When daylight is not enough, you can create the same effect with a reflection screen or daylight lamp.

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