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How do I connect TomTom MyDrive to my smartphone?

TomTom MyDrive, the successor to TomTom Home, is a handy application that ensures an optimal connection between your smartphone or computer and your TomTom navigation system. With TomTom MyDrive, your smartphone or computer is an extension of your TomTom. With the TomTom MyDrive route planner you can search for a destination via your smartphone or computer. You send this directly to your TomTom. Furthermore, you can easily save your favorite destinations via the app and your expected travel time is visible in advance. In this article I tell you how to connect your TomTom to the app.

Pair my TomTom navigation device with my smartphone

TomTom MyDrive is available as an app for iOS and Android:

  • From iOS 9 or newer.
  • From Android 4.4 or newer.

Step 1: Download the TomTom Mydrive app on your smartphone

The TomTom MyDrive app can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or via the Google Play Store. Download the app and then the app will be installed. Then open the app.

Step 2: Log in to MyDrive with your smartphone with your TomTom account or create an account

  • Do you already have a TomTom MyDrive account? Log in immediately and your existing data will be synchronized.
  • Do not have a TomTom MyDrive account yet? Then choose the option 'Create account' and follow the steps that are indicated '.

Step 3: Log in to MyDrive with your TomTom navigation device

Log into your TomTom navigation device with your TomTom MyDrive account. Please use the same login data as on your smartphone.

  • Go to menu.
  • Then go to settings.
  • Select the option MyDrive and log in.

Step 4: Activate Bluetooth on your navigation system.

  • Go back to settings. \ N * Then select the Bluetooth. \ N * Then select `Add phone '.

Step 5: Turn on Bluetooth on your smartphone.

Make sure that Bluetooth is enabled on your smartphone to connect to your TomTom. Without Bluetooth this is unfortunately not possible.

Step 6: Connect your smartphone and TomTom navigation system.

  • In the Bluetooth menu of your smartphone a list appears with 1 or more devices to connect to. \ N * Select your TomTom as soon as it appears in the list. \ N * Accept the request to make a connection on both your smartphone and TomTom. Once you have accepted this, they are connected to each other.

Step 7: Search via the MyDrive app on your smartphone for a destination.

  • Search via MyDrive for the location you want to go to.
  • Now choose 'Send to system'.
  • Your TomTom will receive the route and will start navigating.

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