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How do I enter POI and favorite destinations on my TomTom with MyDrive Connect?

With TomTom MyDrive Connect you set POIs (point of interests) and favorite destinations on your TomTom. For example, set your home address or work address as one of your favorite destinations and you will never have to enter this manually again. This makes it quick and easy to find your way home or work from anywhere. A POI or a point of interest is a useful place such as a gas station or restaurant. If you add POIs on your TomTom, you know where the nearest petrol station is. On the computer you search with MyDrive Connect POIs and favorite destinations. Then connect your TomTom to the computer and add these locations to your navigation system. Do you want to know how this works? In this article I explain this.

Add favorite destinations

To add a favorite destination to your TomTom, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure that MyDrive Connect is installed on your computer. Read the following article if you want to know how to install this:
  2. Before you start synchronizing your favorite destinations, it is important that there is enough free memory on your TomTom. You check the available space by choosing Menu -> 'Help' -> 'Info'.
  3. Connect your TomTom to your computer.
  4. To add favorites, go to: Choose `My Places' -> 'Add new place' in the menu.
  5. Enter the address of the location you want to add as a favorite destination. Then click on 'Done'. The location is saved and you can now find it under `Favorites'.

Add POIs

POI is the abbreviation for points of interest. This covers all useful locations that you encounter along the way, such as petrol stations, restaurants, parking places and rest areas. These POIs are offered by various websites in files. In these files the locations of the POIs are set per country. The POI files that TomTom works with have OV2 format. If you do not use this format then this is unfortunately not readable for your TomTom. The name of the file often states whether to add POIs on your TomTom follow the following steps:

  1. Go to and log in with your TomTom account.
  2. Make sure there is 400 MB free of the memory of your navigation system. You check the available space by choosing Menu-> Help-> Info. 3 on your TomTom. Connect your TomTom to your computer.
  3. To add POI files, go to the following page on the computer:
  4. Choose `My Places' -> 'POI files' in the menu.
  5. Now select 'Import POI file' and choose the file you want to add on your TomTom.
  6. Synchronization starts immediately when your TomTom is connected to the computer.

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