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How do I reset my TomTom navigation system?

Has your TomTom frozen, can't it find GPS signal, or do you want to reset your TomTom to factory settings? If so, reset your navigation system. Resetting your navigation system often makes sure your TomTom works again without any problems. In this article, you can read how to reset your TomTom.

In short

Reset Return to factory settings
Keep data and settings Yes No
Touchscreen doesn't work Yes No
Device freezes Yes Yes

Resetting your TomTom

Step 1: charging

First make sure you charge the TomTom for at least 2 hours. When the TomTom hasn't been charged properly and dies during the reset, it may not start again.

Step 2: pressing down the on/off button

Press down the on/off button for 30 seconds. You'll finally hear the drum roll from TomTom that you'll also hear when you turn on your navigation system. When you do a soft reset, you don't lose your stored data. All you have to do is reset the time.

Return your TomTom to factory settings

Step 1: charging

If resetting isn't enough, you can return the TomTom to factory settings. Do keep in mind that all of your settings and saved locations will be deleted. Charge your TomTom for at least 2 hours to do this, so that it won't die during the process.

Step 2: open the menu and go to settings

You'll find the menu button on the screen where the device also shows the navigation. Go to 'Settings' and click 'System'. Here, you'll find the option 'Reset'.

Step 3: confirm reset and reset your TomTom

Your TomTom will ask you twice more whether you're sure you want to reset the device to factory settings. As soon as you confirm this, the navigation system starts its reset. When this is complete, all of your settings have been deleted and you can reset them. Set your desired language and log in to TomTom MyDrive so you have access again to all of your favorite locations.

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