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What do I do if the battery of my TomTom watch doesn't charge?

You've worn your TomTom watch during the entire day, and want to charge overnight so you can wear in the next morning when you go out for a run. You want to connect the watch to your charging cable, but it doesn't start charging. It's also possible that your watch starts charging, but it isn't recognized by your computer. In this article, I'll show the right and wrong ways of connecting your sports watch to the charging cable. This way, you won't have to worry about not being able to go out for a run with your TomTom sports watch the next morning.


To make sure that your watch is properly connected to your computer and charging, you need to properly insert the sports watch in the desk dock. Make sure the front clamp of the dock is firmly connected to the bottom of the single-button control panel. You'll know that the watch is properly connect when you hear a clicking sound.


when your watch isn't charging or isn't connecting with your computer, this means you haven't properly inserted it into the dock. In this case, the contact points of the cable aren't making a sufficient contact with the sports watch itself. Keep in mind that you need to hear a clicking sound when you insert the watch into the desk dock.

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