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How can I make sure the battery of my TomTom lasts longer?

When the battery of your TomTom watch is fully charged, you can use it for up to 10 hours. However, there are certain functionalities that ensure that the battery lasts less. Do you want to use your TomTom sports watch as long as possible? In this article you will read several tips that prevent your battery from emptying too quickly.


Turn off the backlight on your screen at night. Scroll from the Home screen down to '' Options '' and check that '' Night '' is off.

Please make sure the watch is not searching for Bluetooth sensors. TomTom watches can be linked to, for example, a cadence sensor or heart rate belt. The watch consumes extra battery power when searching for sensors. The moment the sensor is connected, there is almost no impact on the capacity of the battery. So make sure that the sensor is active and within reach during your activities. You know that the sensor is linked when the sensor icon stops flashing and lights up. Do you not use the sensor anymore? Then switch it off by going to '' Sensors '' via the start screen.

Turn off the synchronization with your phone when you do not need it. On the start screen, press the down arrow and go to '' Settings ''. Select '' Phone '' and press the right arrow. Press '' Sync '' and scroll up or down to turn off automatic uploading.

If you are not interested in your activities, such as your steps or sleep, turn these functions off. This could be the case, for example, if you use the sports watch only during exercise.

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