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How do I connect a sensor to my TomTom watch?

Do you want to read the data from your brainstorm on your TomTom sports watch? Or are you a fanatical cyclist and do you want to pair a cadence and speed sensor? In these cases, the sports watch must be linked once to the sensor. The sensor is then automatically detected. You can read how to make this link in this article.

In short

  1. Activate the sensor
  2. Go to '' Settings '' and choose '' Sensors ''
  3. Select the desired sensor
  4. Have the watch search for the sensor

Step 1: Activate the sensor

To begin with, you have to activate the sensor. You do this by using the sensor. With a chest strap, put on the chest strap. Make sure that the inside of the chest strap is slightly damp, this can be done with water, saliva or a special gel. The logo on the sensor should be easy to read for someone who is facing you. For sensors for the bike, make sure that these are mounted on the bike according to the instructions. Then you let the trapper go around so that the sensor can register the movements.

Step 2: Go to '' Settings '' and choose '' Sensors ''

Go to '' Settings '' in the TomTom watch. You do this by pressing the button down from the main screen of the watch. Select '' Sensors '' and press the button to the right.

Step 3: Select the desired sensor

Then choose '' Heart '' for linking a chest strap or select '' Bike '' for linking a speed and cadence sensor.

Step 4: Have the watch search for the sensor

Make sure that the screen is set to '' On '' on watches without a built-in heart rate sensor. Select '' External '' for watches with built-in heart rate sensor. Then two dashes will flash at the bottom of the screen. The sports watch is now searching for the sensor. As soon as the sensor is found, the measured values ​​are shown here.

  • Pairing works best when there are no other Bluetooth devices in the vicinity, keep this in mind for about 10 meters. *

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