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How do you set measurements on your TomTom watch?

During sports, the TomTom sports watch keeps you informed of your performance. You will see 1 measurement value on the watch and 2 values ​​in miniature. The large values ​​are set for you, but you can scroll through them by pressing the button down and up. You can set the small values ​​yourself. In this article I explain step by step how you do that.

In short

  1. Select the activity.
  2. In the pre-training screen: Select '' Data ''.
  3. Select '' Warm up '' and choose time or distance
  4. Select '' Screen ''.
  5. Select '' Left '' or '' Right '' and set the measurement values. ** What are the measured values? **

Measurement values ​​are the data you see on the data field. The data field refers to the home screen of your watch when you are exercising. So while running you can have a different data field than during cycling. You can choose from the following values: Clock (current time), duration, distance, tempo, average tempo, speed, average speed, calories, heart rate and heart rate zone.

Step 1: Select the activity

Step 1: From the home screen with the time, press the button to the right. Now you enter the pre-training screen. Here you choose the sport you will do, then you go right again. This is the pre-training screen. Here '' Even patience '' or '' Start '' will be displayed.

Step 2: In the pre-training screen: select '' Data ''

Now you set which values ​​are shown during the training. From the pre-training screen, press the button down. At the bottom of the screen you see a small gear. Now select '' Data '' by pressing the button to the right.

Step 3: Select '' Screen ''

Then select '' Screen ''. In the screen that now appears, you change the small values. These are the values ​​shown at the bottom left and right of the screen when you are exercising.

Step 4: Select '' Left '' or '' Right '' and set the measurement values

Then choose ''Left'' or ''Right''. This is the position on the screen where you see the measured value. First you select 1 of the 2 options. Then you choose which value you want to see on the left or right. Select this measure by scrolling and then pressing the button to the right. Also do this for the other side.

Extra: Adjust the display of speed

TomTom watches display You have the choice of how you want the speed shown. Every athlete has a personal preference between speed and pace. You have the choice between ''Speed​​'', "Tempo'' or ''Both''. At ''Speed​​'' you can see your speed in kilometers per hour. When you choose ''Tempo'', the speed is shown in time per kilometer. So how much time does it take to travel 1 kilometer at your current speed. With the option ''Speed​​'' you can choose between the 3 options. Depending on your choice, this is shown during exercise.

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