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How do you reset your TomTom sports watch?

Occasionally it can happen that a TomTom sports watch crashes. Or the watch suddenly does not want to communicate with your phone anymore. In these cases, it is best to reset the watch to the factory settings by resetting it. In this article you will read step by step how to reset your TomTom sports watch.

In short

  1. Connect the watch to your computer.
  2. Go to '' Settings ''.
  3. Click '' Reset ''.
  4. Wait until the sports watch has been restarted.
  • Note: All settings and data saved on the sports watch will be lost after resetting. The activities that were previously synchronized with your TomTom MySports account will still be available there. *

Step 1: Connect the watch to your computer

TomTom sports watch

First you connect your TomTom sports watch with your computer. For this you use the USB charging cable that comes with the watch. The TomTom MySports Connect utility starts up and synchronization starts.

Step 2: Go to Settings

TomTom sports watch

Once the synchronization is complete, click on 'Settings' in TomTom MySports Connect. You can recognize this option by the gear that can be seen in the upper right corner.

Step 3: Click on '' Reset ''

You will now enter the settings screen. Here you change the name of the watch, for example, and you see the serial number. On the right you see the following: '' Reset watch to factory settings ''. Click on the '' Reset '' button below. You are now being warned for the last time. Are you sure? Then click the green '' Reset '' button.

Step 4: Wait until the watch has been restarted

The watch is now reset to the factory settings. This is done in 2 steps. First of all, TomTom MySports restores the original settings. After that, the TomTom logo is visible on the sports watch, with a bar that fills further and further below. As soon as the watch has finished resetting to the factory settings, it switches itself off and automatically switches on again. Now you can reset the watch as if it were new. This can be done via the computer or on the watch itself.

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