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How do I set heart rate zones on my TomTom watch?

Training within a heart rate zone is becoming increasingly popular. By training based on the number of strokes of your heart per minute you train to lose weight, increase your speed or improve your fitness. On the TomTom sports watches it is possible to train within a heart rate zone. How? I'll tell you in this article.

In short

  1. In the pre-training screen select '' Training ''.
  2. Select "Zones" and "Heart rate". Choose your zone.

Step 1: Select '' Training '' in the pre-training screen

From the screen with the time, press the button to the right. Now choose the sport you will do and press one more time to the right. This is the pre-training screen. Here '' Even patience '' or '' Start '' will be displayed. Press the down button and select '' Training ''. Then press the button to the right.

Step 2: Select '' Zones '' and '' Heartbeat ''

Then select '' Zones ''. Then press the button to the right again. Select '' Heart rate '' and press the button to the right again.

Step 3: Choose your zone

Here you choose which heart rate zone you want to train. When you have selected the desired zone, press the button to the right and you have chosen the zone concerned. After this you will return to the pre-training screen and you can start the training.

How do I adjust the heart rate zones?

The heart rate zones are automatically determined based on your age. You can choose to adjust these zones yourself. Connect your TomTom watch to your computer with the charging cable. The TomTom MySports Connect program starts up and here you click on the TomTom MySports link. You can see your name at the top right, click on it. You now see a gray bar with settings. Choose '' Heart rate zones '' here. The boundaries between the different heart rate zones can be dragged. You then need to disconnect the sports watch from the computer and reconnect it. The new heart rate zones are now taken over at the sports watch.

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