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How do I set up a route on my TomTom watch?

One of the unique features of the TomTom Runner 3 and Spark 3 watches, compared to the older models, is the possibility to load their own route on the watch. You follow these while running or cycling. This way you discover new routes or take that one nice route from your bike size. In this article I explain how to place the routes on the sports watch.

Step 1: Pair the watch with your computer

To connect your watch to the computer, use the USB charging cable. Once the watch is connected, the TomTom MySports Connect utility starts up and synchronizes your watch with your computer. When this is done, click on the link that appears. The MySports web page now opens.

  • Please note: You can place a route file on the watch in 2 ways. Do you want to load your own (.GPX) file? Then continue with step 2A. Do you want to save the route of a previous sport activity and load it into the watch? Then go directly to step 2B. *

Step 2A: Loading a custom file on the watch

When you have mapped a route yourself in one. GPX file or you have received a file with the route from a friend, you can upload it. To do this, click on the '' Schedule '' tab at the top of the screen. In the middle of the image a green button is visible with '' Upload route ''. Clicking on this opens a window that allows you to look up the file on your computer. Select the desired file from the computer and press `'' Open ''. The route file is uploaded and appears in the list of routes. You can now proceed to step 3.

Step 2B: Save a previously traveled route

Do you want to take the route of a previous sports activity again? Go to the '' Activities '' tab on the MySports web page. Click on the activity of which you want to place the route on the watch. All data of that sport activity is shown, including the route on the map. Click on '' More '' in the gray bar at the top. A menu appears. Click here on '' Copy to routes ''.

Step 3: Adjust the order of your routes

The routes are now on your watch. Beautiful. In total you can place a maximum of 15 route files on the watch. Do you want to change the order of the route files? Click on the 2 gray bars for a route, hold down the mouse and drag the file.

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