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How do I update my TomTom watch?

TomTom sports watches are regularly updated with new software. Such an update prevents error messages in the watch, makes it more user-friendly, and allows for extra options. In this article, we'll tell you how to install an update on your TomTom watch.

In short

  1. Connect the TomTom sports watch to your computer via a charging cable.
  2. You'll receive a notification, telling you that there's an available update. Click on "Update."
  3. The update will now be installed and you're done.
  4. Reboot the watch.

Updates can only be installed via the computer. In order to do this, MySport Connect needs to be installed on your computer.

Step 1: connect the TomTom sports watch to the computer with the charging cable

Connect the charger's USB cable to the USB port on the computer. Now, connect the sports watch to the charging cable.

Step 2: You'll receive a notification, telling you that there's an available update. Click on "Update."

As soon as the watch is connected to your computer, the TomTom MySports Connect software will automatically open. If you've worked out in the meantime, all of your data is synchronized with your TomTom MySports account. After that, you'll receive a notification about an available update. By clicking "Update," you'll start the update procedure on your watch.

Step 3: The update is installed

The update will automatically install. It's important that the sports watch stays connect to your computer via the charging cable. Patiently wait for the purple circle to complete. This will take a couple of minutes at most.

Step 4: reboot the watch

Once the update is finished, you'll be notified on the screen. The sports watch will now reboot. The TomTom logo (2 hands) will be visible on the display. As long as the logo is visible, leave your watch connect to the computer. When the screen starts to display the battery icon, you can disconnect your watch from the computer. The update is now complete.

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