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Working out for the first time with my TomTom sports watch

You got your new TomTom sports watch and you can't wait to start using it. Understandable. In this article, I'll help you use your watch for the first time. That way, you'll be enjoying your new sports watch during your workout in no time.

Step 1: Press and hold the main button for 3 seconds

The packaging contains the watch with its charger. The watch consists of a screen and a replaceable strap. Pop the watch case from the strap and charge the watch via your computer's USB port. Next, press the button under the screen for 3 seconds in order to turn on the watch. TomTom works with 1-button controls. The button can be pressed on 4 sides: top, bottom, left, and right.

Step 2: Go through the setup.

Select the language you want by pressing the button upwards or downwards. You can recognize your current selection by the white arrow next to the letters. In order to confirm your choice, press the right side of the button. That will take you to the next screen. Here, you'll enter details about yourself, such as gender, height, weight, and age. With this information, the watch can calculate, for instance, how many calories you burn or what your heart rate zones are. Go through the entire setup this way. Once you've done this, you'll go to the main screen, displaying the date and time. This screen is always the watch's starting point.

*Want to know how you can connect the watch to your computer or smartphone? *

Step 3: Choose your exercise

Press the right side of the button. This is where you choose the type of exercise you plan to do. You can choose from ''Running'', ''Cycling'', ''Swimming'', ''Treadmill'', ''Gym'', ''Indoor'', ''Freestyle'', and ''Stopwatch''. Press the richt side of the button to select the type of exercise.

Step 4: Start your workout

Now you'll be shown the pre-workout screen. At the top, you'll see symbols shaped like a satellite and a heart. As long as these are blinking, the watch is looking for a signal. When the blinking stops, the signal has been found. You can see "Start" appear in your screen when the sports watch is ready to begin. Press the right side of the button and your workout will start.

*When using the watch for the first time, it can take a little longer for the watch to find a GPS signal. *

Step 5: Check your data

The watch vibrates and makes a sound. It has started tracking your sports activity. By pressing the top or bottom of the button, you can scroll through the different screens. You can for instance check out distance traveled, or your speed and heart rate. When you press the right side of the button, you get more information about the heart rate. That way, you can check in watch heart rate zone you are for instance. The abbreviation bpm stands for beats per minute; the number of heartbeats per minute.

Step 6: Workout finished

Finished working out? Briefly press and hold the left side of the button. It will take you to the pause screen. This screen is similar to the pre-workout screen, but a pause icon is displayed in the middle. Press and hold the button to the left again to stop tracking. The exercise activity will be saved and when you connect the watch to a computer or your smartphone, you can see the data.

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