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What fitness equipment can I use to train my arm muscles at home?

Do you want bigger, muscular arms or just keep your arm muscles in shape? Whatever your goal, you can easily train your arm muscles from home. Because of the wide range of fitness products it is difficult to know what suits you. In this article I mention 3 fitness articles that will help you a long way at home.

Pull-up bar

Work the upright arm arms

With a chin-up bar you train every muscle in your arm. With a pull-up, you must be able to apply force both to the upward and downward movements. You can also easily vary between different positions of the arms. When you hold the rod in a broad position with your knuckles facing you, the focus is more on the triceps, or the back of your arm. When you hold the rod smaller and with your palms towards you, you train the biceps. In both cases you also train your shoulders. Some pull-up bars can also be placed on the ground so that you use them for dipping and push-ups. That way you also train your arm muscles.


Train dumbbell's arms

The most common way to train your arm muscles is with dumbbells. The advantage of dumbbells is that you can easily build up the weight. You also have the choice whether you want to train your arm muscles in isolation or if you want to train multiple muscle groups at the same time. For example, you only train your biceps in the bicep curl, so that you isolate that muscle. At the shoulder press you train your triceps, but also grab your shoulders and back. This way you can easily vary in your training and determine how much you make it.

Battle Ropes

Train Battleropes arms

Training with Battle Ropes is good for your arm muscles and endurance. In addition, it is secretly fun. In the beginning, the undulating movement will feel uncomfortable, but soon you get the technique under control. There are different ways you can let the ropes wave. The most common technique, for example, is the alternating movement of your arms. Also 2 arms at the same time is an option. Training with battle ropes can be felt throughout your body, because every muscle in your body is put to work. The emphasis is on your arm muscles, because they make the most movements.


You simply train your arm muscles at home. With a chin-up bar you have different ways to make your arm muscles stronger. Training with dumbbells ensures that you isolate your arm muscles and the weight is good to build. With battle ropes you challenge yourself and make a party out of every workout.

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