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What fitness equipment can I use to train my chest muscles at home?

Training your chest muscles is easy with one of the devices from the gym. Placing these devices in your living room or in the attic is difficult. Fortunately, there are plenty of fitness equipment that you can use to train your chest muscles at home. I will list this for you in this article 3.


Train dumbbell's chest muscles

The best known way to train your chest muscles is with dumbbells. With dumbbells you can easily vary in your workout. Whether you are a novice or an advanced athlete, there is always a challenge. The stronger your chest muscles become, the more weight you place on the dumbbell. It is also easy to vary in exercises. For your chest there are many different exercises, which you can also do in different positions. Think of chest press lying on a bench, but also tilted backwards. This is then called * incline *. This allows you to easily train all parts of the pectoral muscle.

Imprint support

Training push-ups to train chest muscles

During the printing you increase the intensity with push-up supports. The supports are available in different heights, so you can adjust your training to your own level. Because the support is higher than the ground, the freedom of movement is greater. This ensures that exercises are heavier, but also more effective for your chest muscles. Because your wrist remains straight when holding the support you relieve your wrists. Dipping is also possible with the supports. In this exercise you not only train your chest muscles, but also your triceps and abdominal muscles. Do you really want to challenge yourself? Then use rotating push-up supports. You have to work extra hard to keep the supports still.

Resistance band

Resistance bands train chest muscles

You may not think of a resistance bond if you want to train your chest. Nevertheless, a wide range of exercises is possible with, for example, a tube. This is an elastic cord which offers resistance during exercises. You can easily place this under your feet or around a pillar. Even with a normal theraband you do a lot of exercises. You make it as difficult or easy as you want. For example, hold the band with your arms spread as wide as possible without pulling your back. Make a springy movement by always letting go of the tension and looking up again. This way your chest muscle is already put to work. Because of the different strengths of the tires you keep challenging yourself every time.


There are plenty of opportunities to train your chest muscles at home. With dumbbells you clearly see your progress and build up by adding weight. With the push-up supports you make exercises such as push-up and dipping a lot heavier. With resistance bands you can easily vary between different stresses, which gives every training a new stimulus

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