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Train with weights at home

We all want to be trained, and preferably without going to the gym. Training at home with dumbbells for example. This can be very effective if you follow a few basic rules. In this article questions are answered like: with how many kilograms do I have to start? which muscles can I train? and what material do I need?

Small muscle groups, great result

Train small muscle groups at home

With small muscle groups you generally achieve quicker results at home. To train your large muscle groups you have to get a lot of weights in the house. You do not want that. Focus on small muscle groups. Think of breast, biceps, triceps, stomach. The result you can achieve at home is different for every muscle group. And of course the material plays a big role. And no, that homemade benchpress does not count.


Exercise dumbbells at home

A dumbbell set is ideal for training multiple muscle groups. Training with free weights is much more effective than training with machines at the gym. You keep the dumbbells in balance yourself, which creates extra load. At the gym you train with fixed dumbbells. Because you have limited space at home, you can train better with dumbbells with replaceable weight plates.

Barbell discs

Training weight discs at home

You use weight discs to vary in weight with your dumbbells. How many kilograms exactly is different for everyone. Do not train too heavy at home. That is not only better for your floor, but also for your own safety. Here is a good basis to start and grow:

  • 4 x 10 kilograms
  • 4 x 5 kilograms

Fitness bench

Work out at home with a fitness bench

With a fitness bench you get more out of the 2 dumbbells that you have purchased. You then easily train multiple muscle groups: chest, shoulders, biceps, triceps, stomach. Just like at the gym. It is important that you are stable on a fitness bench and that the seat and seating area are adjustable. This ensures that you can train different muscle groups. For example, set the backrest to 45 degrees and train your chest. Or 90 degrees and train your shoulders. And all that in the spare room.

Avoid a fitness failure

Do not train too heavily and make sure you have a good fitness bench. You will not be the first to go wrong on a homemade fitness bench. Delivers nice movies, but is not fun for you. When you train with heavy weights at the gym, there is always someone who can help you. You often do not have that at home. Because say for yourself: 2 hours at home waiting for your partner with a barbell on your chest. No one is happy about that. Safety for everything.

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