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Training with heart rate zones on a rowing machine

Working out with heart rate zones on your rowing machine contributes to reaching specific fitness goals. Do you want to improve your stamina, lose weight, or improve your personal record for the 500 meter sprint? For each goal, you need to train using a different heart rate zone. Below, you'll find exactly which heart rate zones you need to reach your goal.

Heart rate zone 1: recovery

Heart rate zone 1

Do you work out a bit too enthusiastically yesterday or the day before that? A recovery training will help alleviate sore muscles. Still not familiar with the correct rowing technique, or training with specific heart rate zones? In that cae, this is a good heart rate zone to start out with.

Heart rate zone 1: lose weight

Heart rate zone 2

Heart rate zone 2 lets your burn fat best. Contrary to popular believe, This is a zone that requires a relatively low heart rate. Your training should take longer than 20 minutes.

Hear rate zone 3: building endurance

Heart rate zone 3

Do you want to improve your endurance for health or reach a personal fitness goal? In that, you should work out on your rowing machine in heart rate zone 3. During such a workout, the intensity ranges from average to high, which helps improve your endurance. Whenever the workout becomes too easy, you increase the duration of the workout.

Heart rate zone 4: performance-oriented workout

Heart rate zone 4

Are you already an experienced rower, and would you like to make the most of your workouts? In that case, heart rate zone 4 is the most suitable zone for you. Interval training consists of short, intense workouts. Because of the high intensity, your muscles will become leaner. In the long term, this will help you improve your endurance.

Heart rate zone 5: high intensity

Heart rate zone 5

If you're a competitive rower, you need to go beyond improving your muscle condition and endurance. Increasing your rowing speed is a goal you can achieve by training in heart rate zone 5. This is also a high intensity workout, but compared to training in zone 4, your intense, short sessions are even shorter. Eventually, this will help you improve your personal record in the 500 meters sprint, for example.

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