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Advice on trampline spring covers

After 2 to 3 years a trampoline edge needs to be replaced. A trampoline edge overlaps and protects the iron springs and the frame. How do you determine which protective edge is suitable? Especially the width, thickness, the material and the way of fixing are important points to pay attention to before you buy one. On this advice page we help you in your search for the best trampoline edge for you.

1. Which trampoline edge fits best on my trampoline?

Depending on the shape and size of your trampoline, you determine which edge is suitable for your trampoline. To measure the diameter of your round trampoline, use a measuring tape to draw a line from one outer edge to the other.

A natural trampoline edge with the same size fits on your trampoline. It can happen that a trampoline rim contains a long skirt that falls around the tube frame. This skirt ensures that less wind comes under the trampoline and that the trampoline is nicely finished. Moreover, it is important for the durability and safety to pay attention to the thickness and width of the trampoline edge. The thicker and wider the protective edge, the longer it lasts.

Thickness and width of protective edge

Thickness protective edge

Thickness protective edge

The thickness of the filling (the foam) inside the trampolinerand is very important for the safety and durability of the trampoline. The thicker the filling, the better and more durable the edge. The minimum thickness of the filling in a trampoline edge must be 20 millimeters.

Trampoline safety pad width

Trampoline safety pad width

The width of a trampoline edge varies from 24 to 40 centimeters. To determine how wide the trampoline edge should be, it is important to make sure that the edge covers both the springs and the pipe frame for safety.

2. How do I determine the quality and durability of the trampoline edge?

You want to enjoy your trampoline edge as long as possible. Then it is important that the trampoline edge is well resistant to UV radiation and various weather influences. In addition, the trampoline edge must be of good quality and safe. In order to determine the quality and durability of a trampoline edge, you have to pay attention to a number of things:

  • The trampoline edge padding
  • The material of the cover
  • Protection during hot and cold days
  • Warranty of the trampoline edge

The filling of the edge

The material of the trampoline edge determines its firmness and durability. Most trampoline edges are made of 3 types of foam:

  • Foam: solid foam that can absorb large impacts.
  • EPE: breathable material that absorbs water.
  • Closed cell foam: foam type that retains firmness and water absorbs.

Material cover

Material cover

The material of the cover of the trampoline edge is very important for durability. The cover of the trampoline edge is usually made of sturdy PVC. That is water-repellent and weather-resistant. To ensure that the cover is safe and lasts for a long time, this material must be at least 0.3 millimeters thick. The thicker the material, the more durable the trampoline edge is. Make sure the edge pad completely overlaps the springs. This keeps the edge firmly around the trampoline.

Protection against weather influences

It is also important to take into account UV radiation and weather influences such as rain and hail. When you long a trampoline exposed to sun rays or rain, hardens the material. At times when you do not use the trampoline, it is therefore wise to protect the edge with a cover.


There is a standard 2 year warranty on the trampoline edges in our range. Some suppliers offer more than 2 years warranty on trampoline tires. You can find this information on the product page of the relevant trampoline edge.

3. How do I fix the trampoline edge?

Mount trampoline pads

Trampoline mat rings

On the outside of the trampoline edge there are 2 holes where you pull the ropes at the bottom of the edge. Then secure these ropes with the outer hook at the bottom.

Fastening loops

Fastening loops

With the fastening loops you can easily attach the protective edge to the frame. It is only a matter of getting the fastening clip through the rope and then tying it together.

4. Can I buy a trampoline rim from another brand?

Yes, that's possible. Universal trampoline edges are intended for all brands of trampolines. Pay attention to the dimensions of your trampoline. Also pay attention to the width of the protective edge. This must overlap the springs. The wider the trampoline edge, the less spring surface remains. Also keep that in mind when purchasing a border.

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