Trampoline advice

A round, square or oval trampoline. Which one should you pick? And what's the difference? It's not always easy to find the best trampoline for you. You might not even know what you're looking for or what requirements your trampoline needs to meet. Fortunately, you're not alone. Our experts are happy to tell you about the available trampolines and what these products can do.

Choosing a trampoline

Woman on trampoline

Which trampoline you choose depends on many factors. How big is your garden? How much are you willing to spend on it? Do you want it to be in-ground or have it stand on its legs? These things are important to keep in mind when you're buying a trampoline. These articles might help you to make the right choice.

Quality and durability

Trampoline springs

What parts are in a trampoline? To make sure your trampoline meets all the quality requirements, it's important to know how to determine this quality and what all the different parts entail.


Trampoline with net

Your kid's jumping for joy at the idea of a trampoline. But wait, do the trampoline's parts meet all the safety requirements? How do you know if a trampoline is safe? We'll talk about the safety aspects and give you some tips so make the trampoline a little safer.


In-ground trampolines

You want to put a trampoline in your garden. Will you pick a trampoline with legs or an in-ground one? And how do you get it into the ground? In the articles below, you can read what to do and what to take into account when putting a trampoline in your garden.

Maintenance and replacement

Springs and trampoline pad

Some trampoline parts need to be replaced after a few years. Can you repair them yourself? What do these parts even do? Read about it in the articles below.

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