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Why do you get 2 energy labels with your washing machine?

In order to make a clearer distinction between energy labels, all washing machines have a new energy label since 1 March 2021. The energy labels no longer include A+++ or A+++-30%, but range from A to G. It's possible that you receive both the new and the old label during the transition phase. Here, you can read what it all means.

Why a new label?

Washing machine drum

With the development of new technologies, nearly all washing machines have an A+++ energy label or are even more energy-efficient. We indicate this with the A+++-30% or A+++-40% label, for example. To make a clearer distinction, the European Union has introduced new energy labels with stricter requirements. Since 1 March 2021, all washing machines have this label. In the period before and after this date, you could receive both this label and the old one.

Most important change new label

New energy labels washing machines

One of the biggest changes is the classification, which now ranges from A to G. An A+++ energy label can now get an E, for example. That's because the European Union uses a new testing program with stricter measurement methods. The EU bases the average consumption on the mandatory Eco 40-60 cycle and uses an estimate of 100 wash cycles. The numbers apply to a quarter load, half load, and full load. This way, the class on the energy label changes, but the consumption doesn't.

QR code on the energy label

QR code on new energy label washing machines

Another difference on the current energy label is that it has a QR code on it. Since 1 March 2021, this takes you to the database with technical specifications from the European Union. You can also find new icons on the energy label. For example, you can see how long the Eco 40-60 cycle takes. With the introduction of the new label, it's easier to distinguish between energy-efficient washing machines. The highest energy labels are kept available for the most energy-efficient washing machines that still need to be released.

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