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What is a fisheye lens and why should you choose one?

You're curious about the operation of a fisheye lens. Before you learn more about this, you first have to know what a fisheye lens is. After reading this article you'll know everything about this type of lens.

What is a fisheye lens?

What is a fisheye lens

You've probably seen a photo at some point where everything seems out of proportion. That was probably a photo taken with a fisheye lens. These lenses have a very short focal length. This gives them an extremely wide viewing angle. This means that the image becomes very wide, wider than is actually possible. This distorts the image edges, making the photo spherical. Everything that's close by becomes super large and everything in the distance becomes very small.

Which types of fisheye lenses are there?

Types of fisheye lenses

A lens is called a fisheye lens from a focal length of 12mm or less. The smallest focal length for fisheye lenses is 7.5mm. Lenses are available for both SLR and mirrorless cameras. In addition, you also have the choice of special fisheye lenses for your smartphone. This allows you to take a photo with a cool fisheye effect in no time with your phone.

What do I photograph with a fisheye lens?

What do you photograph with a fisheye lens

A fisheye lens gives a funny effect to your photos, so you'd almost think that you cannot take serious photos with it. But nothing is further from the truth. Fisheye lenses are regularly used in architectural photography. You can take a lot of pictures with it. The lenses are also very suitable for taking overview photos of a large site, such as a festival site. But of course also just for making fun holiday photos.

When do I choose a fisheye lens?

Choosing a fisheye lens

If you want to achieve a spherical effect in your photos, then you've come to the right place with fisheye lenses. Everything that comes close to the lens is magnified and that which is further away becomes extremely small. This often produces funny images. But you also opt for a fisheye lens if you want to take a very wide photo. Due to the extremely short focal length, you can shoot with these lenses with a very wide image angle. Ideal for overview photos and landscapes.

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