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Advice on sleep robots

It's never fun to lie away at night, staring at the ceiling. Sleeping robots have been designed to help you relax, so you can fall asleep after all. But how does a sleeping robot work and how do you know which one is the right fit for you? We explain everything to you.

Sleep problems

Dodow Sleep Aid on nightstand

There is nothing worse than a restless sleep or not being able to sleep at all. One bad night sleep doesn't have to be a problem. But if you're regularly bothered by sleeplessness, you're more likely to experience concentration issues or become overweight. Sleep problems are caused by stress, an upsetting event, or noisy surroundings, for example.

How the sleeping robot works

Sleep with Somnox Sleeping Robot

The idea of the sleeping robot is that the robot helps you slow down your breathing. You do this while you lie in bed. Depending on the model, the robot slows down your breathing via light, relaxing music, breathing exercises, or a combination of these, to help you relax. Are you an over-thinker? Then the sleeping robot can help you too. You focus your attention on the sleeping robot, so you're less occupied with your thoughts.

Difference in sleeping robots

Even though you use the sleeping robots for the same purpose, they use different techniques to help you relax. The sleeping robots are also operated in different ways.


Somnox Sleeping Robot with app

To help you relax, the sleeping robots make use of different ways to slow down your breathing. For example, a sleeping robot that uses light, projects a ring of light on the ceiling. This ring sets the rhythm of your breathing by changing in size. There are also sleeping robots that mimic your breathing by expanding when you need to breath in. You sleep with these in your bed and use them as a stuffed animal throughout the night.


Dodow control by touch

There are also differences in the way you operate them. For example, you can control a sleeping robot with a simple touch, or download the app to set up your preferences. These include the tempo of your breathing or your favorite relaxing music.


Meditate with Somnox Sleeping Robot

In addition to helping you fall asleep, a sleeping robot also offers the possibility to meditate. This works in a similar way to the sleep help. The robot ensures that your breathing slows down, so your body relaxes. The relaxing music that some sleeping robots have also helps you meditate.


What it comes down to is that a sleeping robot helps you sleep better by slowing down your breathing so you can relax. Are you convinced and do you also want to sleep with a sleeping robot? When you make your choice, check if the robot makes use of light or sound. This way, you know for sure you choose a sleeping robot that fits your preferences best.

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