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What's a storm umbrella?

A storm umbrella keeps you dry in strong gusts of wind or heavy rain showers. The specially designed shape and the extra sturdy material ensure that the umbrella remains intact even with unexpected wind gusts. Are you looking for a suitable storm umbrella that suits your wishes and taste, for example from Senz°, we;re happy to help you with this article.

Storm umbrellas

Storm umbrellas

A storm umbrella is different from a normal umbrella. Why? First of all, the umbrella positions itself in the wind so that it cannot fold quickly. Because of the asymmetrical shape, the umbrella floats on the wind. This way you stay effortlessly dry up to a wind force of up to 100 km per hour. In addition, storm umbrellas are made more robust and made of more durable material. This will make the umbrella last for years and you don't have to buy a new one soon.

Senz: the original storm umbrella

Senz storm umbrellas

Senz° is the innovative brain behind the first storm umbrella as you often see in the streets these days. And that's not surprising, because with its storm umbrellas, the brand has already won several design awards. Thanks to the asymmetrical shape, the umbrella floats on the wind and does not fold quickly. This way you are not only protected against rain but also against strong gusts of wind.

Senz Automatic Storm umbrella

Senz° Automatic

The Senz° Automatic is one of the most user-friendly storm umbrellas in the Senz range. The umbrella has extra strong hinges and opens and closes with the push of a button.

Senz Automatic Deluxe Storm umbrella

Senz° Automatic Deluxe

The Senz° Automatic Deluxe goes one step further. It is foldable and has luxury details such as the leather handle. Just like the Automatic umbrella, you open and close the umbrella with the push of a button.

Senz XXL Storm umbrella

Senz° XXL

The Senz° XXL is the largest umbrella in the Senz range: nice to hide underneath. This umbrella, too, is storm-resistant and does not fold, not even with wind force 10.

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