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How do I get my Home Office Store?

Interested in a Home Office Store? Awesome! You can find how to start a Home Office Store step by step here.

Sign up via the registration form

Fill in your personal information and any possible requests via this registration form. One of our account managers or coordinators will contact you as soon as possible.

Discuss your wishes with your Home Office Store Coordinator

We'll call you after your registration. Together, we'll look into your needs and wishes for a Home Office Store. Your contact person will will plan a new appointment with you for a video call. This video call can take half an hour to an hour. We prefer to plan this via telephone, but we can also send you a request via Calendly.

The video call

Together with the coordinator, you'll look for the most suitable solution during this conversation. For example, what do you run into every time that you set up a home office for an employee? And what's already taken care of? We'll also discuss your budget and the assortment. In addition, we'll show you an example of a Home Office Store. This way, you know what to expect from us.

After this conversation, we'll send you all the information via email so you can take your time and read it all again. In this email, you'll also find an example of an assortment and an example of an invoice. Do you want to partner with us? Nice! In the email, you can also find the Terms and Conditions, the processor agreement, and a form to fill in your company information. Are you a B2B customer? You don't have to fill in your information because we already have it. Additionally, we ask you to send a list of all the email addresses of the participating employees, a logo, and a header.

Get started

We'll start to set up the portal once we receive all the information. We use the provided content, which makes the Home Office Store a cooperation between Coolblue and your company.

Good to know: your employee stays the owner of the product. That's also why the employee can buy products via the normal way and can also use our Customer Service. Of course, you can make your own agreements with your employees.

The portal is a protected area of the Coolblue website that is only accessible for your employees. When the portal is ready, you can do a last check and give us feedback. The portal is live for 3 months by default, but let us know if you want it any differently. If everything works, the employee can use their work email address to log in and reset the password. After this, the portal is visible with the product categories you've chosen. Products outside the range can't be purchased with the available credit. The order process is the same as usual. Ordered before 23:59, delivered for free tomorrow.


The second week of the first month, we'll send an invoice. We only invoice the actually used credit, which is why the invoice can differ each month. In addition, we don't give a VAT specification, since the VAT is already paid for by the employee when they pay for the order. VAT can't be charged over the credit used by the employees.

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