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The Xbox One gaming setup for the best experience

With your Xbox One X get the best gaming experience in the house you do so! With this gaming setup it is all audio-visual enjoyment.

Xbox One X

FIFA on Xbox.

Getting the maximum out of your Xbox games actually means 2 things: the highest possible resolution and the use of HDR. Fortunately, Microsoft just added the Xbox One X to his arsenal.

Gaming headset

Boy gaming headset on boy's head.

Beautiful image is one thing, but the right sound makes the atmosphere of your games so immersive that you're completely absorbed by it. Or it just gives you that slight advantage over your opponent who's trying to sneak up on you from an unexpected corner. A good gaming headset is certainly worth an investment. Choose one with the following properties:

  • Surround sound

Faster loading times

External storage Xbox One.

Two of the few things that really prevent you from enjoying your games these days are the long loading times and huge patches for the latest games. Fortunately, the Xbox One supports external storage devices, so you can add a few terabytes.


Gaming with Xbox One controller.

The Xbox One X supports up to 8 controllers, so you can play with eight people at the same time. With a few extra controllers you can enjoy your console more. For example, with 4 controllers you can organize a real FIFA party at home, where you play with or against each other.


Play FIFA on Xbox One.

The last choice is perhaps one of the most important. Optimal enjoyment of any graphic feat has at least several requirements: a resolution of 4K, a decent format, and support for HDR. A good gaming television has the following properties:

  • 4K resolution
  • HDR support
  • Maximum response time 50ms

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