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What is the build quality of an exercise bike?

The build quality of an exercise bike determines the lifespan of the fitness equipment. Whether you go for top quality, middle class or basic class for building quality, determines how long you enjoy your exercise bike. A top quality construction bike is more expensive, but the durable materials wear much less quickly.

In short

When assessing the build quality of an exercise bike, we pay attention to the following specifications:

  • ** Rubber handle: ** A rubber handle is more durable and sturdier than a foam or plastic handle.
  • ** V-drive belt: ** Wears less quickly than a chain, making the device last longer.
  • ** Electromagnetem: ** Wear less than a magnetic brake because the magnets do not move.
  • ** Ball bearings: ** The more ball bearings are incorporated into the mechanism, the smoother the mechanism works.
  • ** Net weight flywheel: ** A heavier flywheel provides a more fluid cycle movement.
  • ** Maximum weight: ** An exercise bike with firmer materials can handle a higher user weight.
  • ** Weight: ** A heavier exercise bike is more resistant to a very intensive workout.

High-end build quality

Build quality high-end exercise bike

Top-class exercise bikes last a long time and are best resistant to long-term intensive training. An exercise bike with building quality top class therefore has at least 70% of the specifications from the above table. Top class hometrainers are distinguished from middle class exercise bikes by the use of extra strong materials. With a top-class exercise bike, the handle is usually made of rubber and the resistance is always electromagnetic. As a result, the brake system will wear less quickly and you will hold the handle firmly for a long time.

Mid-range build quality

Build quality mid-range exercise bike

Most middle-class exercise bikes can handle a considerable user weight. In addition, the flywheel of a middle class exercise bike is always heavier than 5 kilograms, making your movement on the device smoother. These devices have at least 50% of the specifications from the above table. Some middle-class exercise bikes have an electromagnetic and high-load weight, and basic-grade exercise bikes often do not.

Basic build quality

Build quality basic exercise bike

If you are looking for an affordable exercise bike, you choose an entry level device with building quality base class. You are hereby prepared to give in on the life span. A basic class exercise bike has less than 50% of the specifications from the above table. Despite the relatively inexpensive materials, almost every basic class exercise bike now has a v-drive belt. This wears much less quickly than a standard chain.


Are you looking for a solid exercise bike that you train for a long time? Then choose an exercise bike with minimal build quality middle class. A flywheel of more than 5 kilograms is standard on such a device, so your movement is fluid and the exercise bike does not wear out as fast. If you are going for top-class building quality, your home bike will last the longest. A top class device is made of very sturdy materials.

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