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What are the installation services for desk chairs and desks?

Do you want to buy a desk chair or Worktrainer desk, but prefer not to assemble it yourself? Choose one of our 3 installation services. We'll set up your desk chair and/or Worktrainer desk upon delivery. On this page, you can read more about our services and which safety measures are in place.

What installation services do we offer?

Installation services

You still have to assemble the home office products that you order. This may prevent you from buying a nice desk chair and/or a good desk. With our installation services, there is no need to worry. We offer 3 installation services:

  1. We'll assemble the desk chair you bought from us.
  2. We'll assemble the Worktrainer desk you bought from us.
  3. You buy a desk chair and desk and we'll assemble them for you. Our delivery drivers will adjust the products according to the health and safety guidelines.

How do we set up desk chairs?

Install desk chair

We'll install your desk chair as follows:

  • We'll assemble the desk chair and put it in the desired place for you.
  • We'll take the packaging material with us.
  • After installation, we'll explain how to use the desk chair.
  • You'll receive tips on how to adopt a good working posture according to the health and safety guidelines.
  • We won't leave until the desk chair is in the right place. Promise.

How do we install Worktrainer desks?

Install desk

We'll install your Worktrainer desk as follows:

  • You indicate the desired location for the desk and we'll assemble it there.
  • We'll take the packaging material with us.
  • We'll explain how to use the desk.
  • You'll receive tips on how to adopt a good working posture.
  • We promise not to leave until the desk is set up.

How do we install desk chairs and Worktrainer desks?

Set up desk chair and desk

If you buy a desk chair and Worktrainer desk, you'll receive a more extensive package:

  • We'll install the desk and desk chair at the location of your choice.
  • After installation, we'll adjust both products according to the health and safety guidelines. This way, you reduce the risk of physical complaints.
  • Our delivery drivers have followed training on the health and safety guidelines. As a result, they know a lot about the correct adjustment of desks and desk chair.
  • You'll receive an explanation about your desk chair and desk.
  • We'll give tips on how create a good posture. These tips are based on the health and safety guidelines.
  • The delivery drivers won't leave until everything is in order and works properly. We'll take all packaging material with us.

What are the safety measures?

Safety precautions

The safety of our customers and our installers is important. That is why we use extra safety measures:

  • Contact our customer service if you or someone you live with has complaints such as cough, cold, or fever. We'll schedule a new delivery time. It's safe for us to deliver the product if you and the people you live with haven't had any complaints for at least 3 days.
  • Open all doors and remove obstacles. This way, the delivery drivers can touch as little as possible.
  • Disinfect items that the delivery drivers have to touch. For example, banisters.
  • Provide sufficient work space. That is at least 3 square meters.
  • Keep a minimum distance of 1.5 meters from our delivery drivers.
  • Make sure there are no more than 2 people in the same room.

What are extra focus points?

There are 3 more points to consider when buying a desk and/or desk chair:

  1. If you buy an electric sit-stand desk, you need a power outlet nearby to connect the adjustable mechanism.
  2. If you live in an apartment building without an elevator, we'll deliver the home office items up to the 4th floor. If you have an elevator, it doesn't matter which floor you live on.
  3. At the moment, we only offer installation services for Worktrainer desks. There are several types of desk chairs that are suitable for installation services.
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