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What determines the build quality of an oven?

Ovens with a high-end build quality have a longer lifespan than ovens with a mid-range or basic build quality. We determine the build quality of an oven by looking at 7 different specifications. In this article, I'll explain what to expect from each range.

The specifications of build quality

  • Cleaning system: this ensures that the oven stays clean and no food leftovers get into the heating elements or fan.

  • Detachable oven door: if it's removable, the door is easier to clean. This way, no crumbs or dust will remain in the cracks.

  • Soft-closing door: the oven door always closes gently and won't be damaged if you close it hard.

  • Type of lighting: an LED lamp lasts the entire lifespan of an oven, while you probably need to replace a halogen or incandescent lamp at some point.

  • Oven door temperature at 180 degrees: the lower the temperature, the better the insulation of the appliance. This way, you're less like to burn your hand on the oven door.

  • Material interior: dirt sticks to stainless steel faster than enamel. Your oven stays cleaner with an enamel interior.

  • Type of temperature control: an oven with electronic controls ensures the temperature is more constant and precise than an oven with mechanical controls.

High-end build quality

High-end oven

When a long lifespan is important to you, I recommend an oven with high-end build quality. Most ovens in this range have a complete cleaning system. This way, the oven cleans itself and no food leftovers remain in the fan or heating elements. This prevents the oven from breaking quickly. The temperature of the oven door never exceeds 40 degrees. This means that the oven is well insulated. This is useful if you have small children running around at home.

Mid-range build quality

Mid-range oven

An oven with mid-range build quality almost always has an electronic temperature control. This ensures that the temperature remains as accurate and constant as possible during baking. Many ovens in this range have a soft-closing door. This ensures you won't damage your oven if you open and close the door hard. An oven with an enamel interior is easier to clean, because food leftovers stick to stainless steel more quickly.

Basic build quality

Basic oven

With an oven with basic build quality, you compromise on the lifespan of the appliance. But the average price in this range much lower. Almost all ovens in this class use mechanical temperature control. Do you choose a model with electronic control? In that case, the temperature isn't just more precise, but also more constant. If a longer lifespan is still important to you, I recommend looking at an oven with a mid-range or top-class build quality.

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