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What is the Slim en Veilig package?

You can protect your home with the Slim & Veilig package. That way, you'll always know what is going on at home. Even if you're on vacation. It also gives off the impression you're at home to keep intruders away. In this article, we'll explain the other benefits of this package.

What can you use smart security for?

Smart security

You can monitor your house all the time with smart security. Thanks to the app on your smartphone, you can also do this when you're not at home. A smart doorbell even lets you see the person ringing the doorbell or walking past the front door. You use the same app for that. If you link it to smart lighting, you'll always feel right at home.

How do you monitor your house remotely?

Monitor remotely

With an IP camera, you can monitor your house remotely. Once it spots someone, you get a notification via the app so you can watch it live. Or check the recorded footage later. If you combine the cameras with a smart doorbell, you also get a notification when someone rings the bell. You'll always know who showed up at your door. A smart smoke detector ensures you get a notification in case of fire.

How do you give off the impression you're at home?

Give off the impression you're at home

The smart lighting in this package makes it seem like you're at home. Even if you're just traveling or having a night out. These lights are switched on via your smartphone. You can also automate this and let the lights switch on at set times, for example. That means no more hassle with lighting. Simply link the lights to the IP cameras so you can switch them on if someone has been spotted. This way, intruders will be caught in the limelight.

How to make sure your devices know where you are?


Thanks to geofencing, the app of your smart devices can tell if you're at home. Set this for your smart lighting, for example. You'll never come home to a dark house, which feels safe. You can also have your security cameras switch on or off automatically, so they'll stop recording once you get home. Leaving the house? They'll switch back on.

What is the difference with an alarm system?

Difference with alarm system

Although all devices in this set are compatible, it's not an alarm system yet. An alarm system also includes sensors and a base station. In addition, an alarm system produces a loud noise to actually sound the alarm. You can even connect it to a control room, if you want, to inform the police or security. You link a smart alarm system to this set.

What is in this package?

Nest Cam Indoor

Google Nest Cam Indoor

With the Nest Cam Indoor in this package, you can monitor one room. Place this smart IP camera in your living room, for example. That way, nobody can enter it unseen. You can also record videos if you combine it with a subscription. This way, you can watch the footage back later.

Google Nest Cam Outdoor

Google Nest Cam Outdoor

Thanks to the Nest Cam Outdoor, you can also guard your garden. Its wide viewing angle makes this camera is suitable for a wide garden. You can be sure that intruders will be caught on tape. This camera can also record videos if you combine it with a subscription.

Google Nest Hello

Google Nest Hello

The Nest Hello is a smart doorbell. Thanks to the integrated camera, you can check your phone to see who is at your doorstep. The microphone and speaker ensure you can also speak to them. Even if you're not at home.

Google Nest Hub

Google Nest Protect

Feel safe with this smart smoke and carbon monoxide detector. Whether you're at home or not, you'll always receive a notification if something is wrong. You can also combine the Google Nest Protect with your smart lights, so you can escape via a well-lit path in case of fire or smoke development.

Google Nest Protect

Philips Hue Discover

The Philips Hue Discover is an outdoor spot light. You can mount this smart light to your shed, for example. If you link it to your camera, you can cast light on anyone who passes by. Very useful when you come home in the dark. And it scares off intruders.

Slim & Veilig Indoor

Package with 2 indoor cameras and a smoke detector | Camera for a large indoor space | Setup: plug and play
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The Slim & Veilig Indoor package consists of 2 indoor cameras and a smart smoke detector. You can use it to monitor multiple rooms in the house remotely and you'll get notifications if the smoke detector detects smoke or carbon monoxide.

Slim & Veilig Outdoor

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The Slim & Veilig Outdoor package consists of an outdoor camera, a smart doorbell, and a spotlight with motion sensor. This allows you to monitor the front door and another outdoor space. On top of that, it also scares off intruders.

Slim & Veilig Indoor + Outdoor


The Indoor + Outdoor package combines the advantages of the seperately available Indoor and Outdoor packages. You can monitor indoor and outdoor spaces with security cameras and see who is at your doorstep remotely. The smart smoke detector warns you in case of fire and the spotlight scares off intruders. This package includes everything you need to secure your home in a smart way.

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