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What kettlebell weight do I need?

Want to get started with a kettlebell in the home? It'd be nice to know which weight is suitable for your workouts. Are you a beginner athlete or have you got some experience? In each of these cases, you'll need a kettlebell with a different weight. Your workout will be most effective when training with the right weight. That way, you'll also prevent your muscles from being stressed in the wrong way. Below, I'll explain which weight is the right one for you, and what else you can pay attention to when purchasing a kettlebell.

Which weight do you choose?

Beginner athlete (arms) Beginner athlete (legs) Experienced athlete (arms) Experienced athlete (legs)
Male 10 or 12kg 16kg 16kg 20kg
Female 8kg 12kg 10kg 16kg

Beginner athlete

Kettlebell for beginner athletes

Are you not very experienced with weight training and do you want to get started at home? Makes sense that you'd choose a kettlebell, as you can use them for lots of different exercises, meaning you'll be training several different muscle groups. However, you will need kettlebells with different weights for each exercise and each muscle group. Going to do arm exercises? As a male beginner, start with a 10 or 12kg kettlebell. For women, starting with a 6 or 8kg kettlebell is most effective. Going to use the kettlebell for leg exercises? For men, start with a weight of 16kg and for women, a weight of 12kg.

Experienced athlete

Kettlebell for experienced athletes

Are you an experienced athlete, but have you always used dumbbells up till now? In that case, it's fine for you to get started with a heavier kettlebell weight. For men, start doing arm exercises with a 16kg kettlebell, and for women, start with a 12kg kettlebell. Getting started with leg exercises is most effective with a 20kg kettlebell for men and a 16kg kettlebell for women. Planning to use the kettlebell frequently? In that case, your starting weight will get too light for you after a while, so in addition to a kettlebell with that weight, you should also buy the two kettlebells in the weight classes that follow. As a male, you can opt for kettlebelss with a 16, 20, and 24kg weight to train your legs. This way, you can work on your athletic goals step by step, without having to worry about your workouts becoming too easy.


Kettlebell material

The materials that are most often used for kettlebells are plastic and cast iron. The advantage of plastic kettlebells is that they usually have bigger handles, making them suitable for people with big hands. The advantage of cast-iron kettlebells is that they don't get damaged as quickly, which means they're suitable if you want to use the kettlebell frequently. Apart from this, it's a good idea to check if the kettlebell has a non-slip layer. A non-slip layer will protect your floor during a workout, so if you're planning to train on your nice oak floor, get a non-slip version. Are you planning to train at the gym or do you have a thick mat at home that you do your workouts on? In that case, you can also choose the version without a non-slip layer.

TIP: Use gym gloves for extra grip.


With the right weight of kettlebell you can build up your muscle strength in the right way and work effectively on your sporting goal . Make sure you master the exercise before you start training with a higher weight than the weight you start with.

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