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What do you need to know about thermostats with installation?

You want to buy a thermostat including installation. Before the technician stops by, you have to take care of a couple of things. On this page, we'll tell you what to look out for and which steps to go through before installation.

Buy a thermostat with installation

Smart thermostats
  • You choose an installation service for smart thermostats on the page of the product you selected.
  • We'll replace your old product and install the new one in its place. Do you want your thermostat set up in a different location? That's possible. You do have to buy the wireless version for this.
  • We'll connect the thermostat to your heating system.
  • We'll connect your purchase to the WiFi network.
  • We'll connect the product to 1 account on 1 device of your choice.
  • We'll explain how to use your new thermostat.

Keep this in mind for the installation of any thermostat

Thermostat with installation
  • Do you have a multi-zone heating system? Contact us to talk about your options.
  • Do you have district heating without a thermostat? Order a smart radiator thermostat.
  • Smart thermostats use an app. Do you want to get started right away? Download the app in advance. Create an account to get started right away.
  • Smart thermostats aren't suitable for heat pumps with cooling yet.
  • You need a good WiFi signal to connect.

Keep this in mind for the installation of a Nest Thermostat

Keep in mind for installation of thermostats
  • The Nest Learning Thermostat doesn't work with a multi-zone heating system.
  • Our technicians will install your Google Nest thermostat wired. Do you want to set up the thermostat wirelessly? Buy the Google Nest Stand as well.

What do you keep in mind for a Tado thermostat?

Tado thermostat

The Tado thermostats are installed wired. Do you want to set up the thermostat wirelessly? In that case, you'll need the extension kit to fully connect the Tado thermostat. This isn't included by default.

What do you keep in mind for the installation of a Tado smart radiator thermostat?

Tado radiator thermostat
  • You can only install a smart radiator knob on an existing thermostat valve. Do you currently have a valve with numbers or degrees? That's a good sign. A radiator valve only has a plus or a minus symbol.
  • You can't replace radiator knobs for floor heating.

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