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What type of vacuum do I need?

The house is full of dust and you want to get rid of it. There are various types of vacuums, but you're not entirely sure which vacuum you should buy. You can choose between bagged or bagless vacuums, stick vacuums, handheld vacuums, and robot vacuums. In this article, I'll tell you what to use these types of vacuums for.

Bagged vacuum

Bagged vacuums

Bagged vacuums usually have a large collection capacity, so you won't need to change the bag often. In addition to collecting dust, the bag also functions as an extra filter. This means there's low dust re-emission, making a bagged vacuum more likely to be suitable for people with allergies.

  • Bagged vacuums often have a large collection capacity.
  • The bag also functions as a filter to keep the exhaust air clean.
  • Recurring costs for the bags are a disadvantage.

Bagless vacuum

Bagless vacuums

Bagless vacuums are not inferior to bagged ones when it comes to performance. Their big advantage is the fact that you'll never have to buy bags again. When the dust cup is full, you disconnect it and empty it into the trash can in 1 move.

  • You won't need any bags, which saves money.
  • Bagless vacuums are easier to clean.
  • The collection capacity is relatively small compared to a bagged vacuum.

Stick vacuum

Stick vacuums type of vacuum

You can operate a stick vacuum simply using 1 hand, and most models are lightweight. Because it's wireless, it gives you a lot of freedom of motion and you can use it for quick cleaning jobs. Some stick vacuums have detachable handheld vacuums.

  • Lightweight and maneuverable.
  • Store compactly in parking mode.
  • No cord, so it has a lot of freedom of motion.
  • Limited dust cup capacity.
  • Somewhat limited battery life, so it needs regular charging.

Robot vacuum

Robot vacuum type of vacuum

Don't like vacuuming? A robot vacuum makes it easy for you. The differences between robot vacuums are large. For example, some robots are a small housekeeping help, whereas other robot vacuums keep the whole floor clean.

  • Programmable.
  • More time left for fun things.
  • Even when you're not at home.
  • Limited battery capacity.

Handheld vacuum

Handheld vacuum type of vacuum

A handheld vacuum allows you to easily remove small amounts of dirt and dust. Handheld vacuums are also useful in places that aren't that easy to reach. Looking for a wireless vacuum cleaner for your whole house? In that case, a handheld vacuum isn't suitable for you.

  • Suitable for small amounts of dirt.
  • For hard-to-reach spots.
  • Easy to use.
  • Not suitable for vacuuming floors.
  • Limited dust cup capacity.

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