Which MacBook suits me and my studies?

There's a suitable MacBook for every study. Which Apple MacBook is suitable for you depends on several factors. Do you often take it with you? Which programs do you use? How intensively do you use it? These are all important questions that you have to ask yourself. You don't buy an Apple MacBook for a short while. It's an investment for your future. Have you graduated? MacBook still won't let you down.

High school students

As a student, you'll need a MacBook for school and for your spare time. You do online research, write a report, and write summaries. You use programs from the Microsoft Office package, and Magister is a commonly used program to check your schedules and grades. Once your homework's done, your MacBook can't rest yet, because that's when the fun starts. Watching series and movies, playing games, listening to music, you can do it all on your MacBook.

Graphic design students

You're studying graphic design to become a graphic designer. Maybe you're studying Engineering and you make technical drawings. Either way, you'll need a MacBook that's suitable for graphic design programs like Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, and Autocad. You want to see everything on the screen down to the pixel, and you need a powerful processor. Of course, it shouldn't be too heavy to carry around either.

Economics students

You do an economic study like Business Administration, Commercial Economics, or Communication. During your studies, you make strategy and marketing plans and you often work with data. You work in programs such as Python, SPSS, R, and Stata, and, of course, Excel to make your own databases. You want to have multiple programs open at the same time, so you need a powerful processor. Of course, you also need enough storage to safely store all your files.

Technical and IT students

You need a MacBook for your technical study. For example, you study Computer Science, Aerospace Engineering, or Engineering. In your study, you use demanding graphic design programs like SolidWorks, Xcode, Final Cut Pro, Quicktime, and Lightroom. These are all programs that require the necessary power from your MacBook, especially if you use multiple programs at the same time. That's why you need a powerful processor and enough storage space to store all your files.

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