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Which trampoline parts do you replace the fastest?

When you buy a trampoline, you'll of course jump to your heart's content. Why wouldn't you? The equipment was made to have fun on. However, a logical consequence of this is that certain parts will wear out. Not within a week, but do keep in mind that at some point, you'll need to replace some things. What can you expect of the durability of the parts with normal use, and when should you replace what? We'll lay it out for you.

The pad

Trampoline pad

Getting on the trampoline is almost undoable without touching the trampoline safety pad. Apart from that, the pad is in direct contact with the springs below and on either side through the trampoline mat and the frame. You can imagine that, as time goes on, all these points will start to wear out. With regular use – read: regular jumping during the season – you should replace a trampoline pad every 2 to 3 years. The durability of a trampoline pad is determined by the thickness of the stuffing and the material the cover is made of. Read more about this on our advice page on trampoline pads:

The springs

Trampoline springs

The springs on a trampoline, too, will be ready to be replaced after 2 to 3 years. Continuously stretching and rebounding after each jump will of course take its toll on these parts. That's why, in order to retain your trampoline's elasticity – and not least its safety – you should replace them in time. Fortunately, they're available separately in sets, by brand and type. Do mind the size and the attachment of the feathers. Replacing them is easy and you should be do it yourself without too much trouble.

The trampoline mat

Trampoline mat

No surprise, of course, but the trampoline mat doesn't have eternal life either. Fortunately, trampoline manufacturers understand very well that the mat will endure quite a lot, and usually choose the most durable materials. Apart from that, minor damage can often be repaired, allowing the mat to last as long as possible.

Pro tip: use a cover for your trampoline mat, so it's optimally protected against weather influence at least when you're not jumping on it.

The frame

Trampoline frame

Nothing lasts forever, but we should be able to claim that the trampoline frame is the most durable part of a trampoline. That doesn't mean it has eternal life, but by the time the frame is worn out, you should've gotten many years of jumping fun out of it. Of course, frames can be replaced or repaired. It'd be better, however, to simply look for a completely new trampoline when the time comes.


We've listed the parts that wear, starting with the ones that wear quickest and ending with the ones that wear slowest. The answer to the question of what parts wear out fastest, then, is the pad. Not long after replacing the pad, it'd be wise to pay close attention to the springs. When in doubt, it's a good idea to replace anyway, because let's be honest: nothing trumps safety.

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